Understanding Delhivery’s LTL Shipping Network

Before understanding Delhivery’s LTL shipping network, let’s know what a shipping network is. Well! a shipping network is the link between the shipping source organisation and the destination organisation.
Delhivery’s LTL uses a dynamic mesh network over a traditional hub and spoke model for shipping goods and commodities. The mesh network used by Delhivery’s LTL is efficient, reliable, and flexible.

Importance of Shipping Network

The Shipping Network is the key to facilitating trade around the world. However, an efficient shipping network ensures the smooth facilitation of trade. Some of the key points reflecting the importance of the shipping network are mentioned below.

  • A robust shipping network is the backbone of an efficient logistics system. 
  • The shipping network enables the transportation of goods and commodities by various means of transport. 
  • The shipping network ensures proper coordination of transportation methods for a well-planned delivery of goods to their respective destinations.

What is Delhivery’s LTL Mesh Method?

Delhivery uses the mesh method for shipping goods and commodities. The mesh method allows connecting various hubs (which are also known as nodes) across the country in real-time. This method helps Delhivery’s LTL to determine the most optimal path for shipments.

Delhivery’s LTL Shipping Network

Delhivery’s LTL shipping network involves the transportation of smaller shipments that do not need an entire truck. The general process of Delhivery’s LTL shipping network is mentioned below with an explanation.

  • Creating Courier Account: The first step is to create a courier account with Delhivery on its official website. This step generally requires you to create an account just like creating a Gmail account by filling out a registration form. It is advisable to note down your username and password in order to access your courier account for future purposes as well.
  • Creating Shipment Order: Once your courier account is created, you need to create your shipment order. This is usually done by following the instructions provided by Delhivery. After creating your shipment order, print the electronic label that is generated and paste it on the shipment. To learn more about creating a shipment order, refer to our comprehensive guide on how to book Delhivery LTL shipments.
  • Pickup: Now, the Delhivery agent will pick up your shipment from the pickup location that you provided while creating your shipment order.
  • Delhivery’s Shipping Process: Now that your shipment has been picked up, Delhivery will be sorting it with other shipments, followed by transporting it to the destination Delhivery hub using its efficient mesh method.
  • Final Delivery: As your shipment arrives at the destination Delhivery hub, the agent will pick up your shipment and deliver it to its destination.

Delhivery’s LTL Shipping Network through BigShip

We have already discussed that the Shipping Network is the key to facilitating trade around the world; however, an efficient shipping network ensures the smooth facilitation of trade. Delhivery’s LTL can attain this through BigShip, a leading courier aggregator in India. By using BigShip’s shipping network, you can track your shipments in real-time by monitoring them at every stage of the entire shipping process. You can make the shipment process of your goods and commodities smooth and convenient by choosing BigShip.
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