How to Book Delhivery LTL Shipments

Systematic logistics and reliable shipping services are crucial in the rapid e-commerce and global trade world. Delhivery is one of the prominent logistics courier service providers in India. The primary aim of booking Delhivery LTL shipments is to ensure that your shipment reaches its intended destination safely and on time.

You can book Delhivery LTL shipments in two ways. The first way is by booking through the Delhivery website or application. The second way is booking through the smooth and efficient app or website of BigShip, one of India’s leading courier aggregators. This comprehensive guide will explore how to book Delhivery LTL shipments using both the mentioned methods.

Shipment Booking through Delhivery App

In this age of digitization, the Delhivery app provides an efficient app to book Delhivery LTL shipments. Users can also book directly through the Delhivery website. You can book domestic shipments, international shipments, or bulk eCommerce orders through the Delhivery app or website. The steps to book Delhivery shipments through the Delhivery app are mentioned below.

Set up your account: This is the first step to initiate your shipment booking through the Delhivery App or website. Your email ID, which you filled in while creating the account, will be your username for signing in to your Delhivery account.

Add your KYC Details: After creating your account, you need to activate your business account and verify your KYC details. You need to fill in information like GST documents, First Name, Last Name, Business Name, Phone number, Business Address, and PIN code.

Add your pickup locations: To add your pickup location, you need to navigate through the Main Menu > Settings > Pickup Location > Add a New Pickup Location.

Recharge your Wallet with a minimum of INR 500: To recharge your wallet, you need to navigate to Main Menu > Finances > Wallet > Recharge Wallet. The other way is to click on the “Recharge” option on the right-hand side of your dashboard.

Add Your Bank Details: In case of cash on delivery, Delhivery collects the cash from the customer and transfers it to your bank account. To add your bank details, you need to navigate to Main Menu > Settings > Bank Details.

Booking Delhivery Shipment through BigShip

To experience a seamless booking, you can also book Delhivery shipments through the website or app of BigShip. BigShip app can be easily downloaded from the Play Store or App Store. The step-wise guide to book Delhivery LTL Shipments through BigShip is mentioned below.

Step 1: Create an account with BigShip.
Step 2: After creating your account, you need to click on the “order” > “Add Heavy Order”.
Step 3: Fill out the consignee details such as name, mobile, email, address, and PIN code.
Step 4: Now fill out the order details such as invoice number, payment, invoice amount, product name, and total number of boxes.
Step 5: Now “Add Order”.
Step 6: Then select “Ship Now”.
Step 7: Choose the Delhivery LTL option.
Note: If the invoice amount is more than INR 50,000, then the E-way bill also needs to be updated along with the invoice.

Booking a shipment is one of the most important steps in ensuring that your shipment has reached its destination securely. In this blog, we’ve comprehensively discussed how to book Delhivery LTL shipments through a Delhivery website or through BigShip.
Now that you’ve understood the process, you are ready to book and manage your Delhivery LTL shipment. Whether you’re sending gifts, running an e-commerce store, or just need to deliver a package, Delhivery LTL shipment through BigShip simplifies the entire shipping process.



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