What Is BigShip

BigShip is third party logistics service provider, specialized for ecommerce industry for COD and prepaid orders in all over India.

What does BigShip do?

We work as a logistics partner for our customers to maximize their reach and grow their business by effortlessly shipping the products to the doorsteps at a best possible prices.

What can I ship through BigShip?

You can ship perishable and non-perishable goods Examples of commodities being shipped are clothing, machinery, jewelry and others.

Does BigShip charges anything for the technology platform?

Yes, We Do charge a nominal fee for our platform

How do I integrate my website with BigShip?

You need not worry about this. We have 10 years of rich experience which helped us to make this platform more user friendly. We have our expert IT team who will be taking care of the integration of your website to our platform.

How soon can I receive my COD amount in my bank account?

You can receive your COD amount in your bank account as per the COD remittance you have opted for, i.e., Day 1 (D1), Day 2 (D2), Day 3 (D3), or Day 4 (D4).

Which products are prohibited/dangerous to ship via Bigship?

Dangerous goods are prohibited from shipping via BigShip. Some of these items are Liquor, Areca Nuts / Betel nut, Tobacco, Narcotics, armament, and ammunition.

How to generate a label for an order?

You can generate a label for an order, only after you book a shipment through BigShip.

Do I need to mention the packaging details for all products?

Yes, you need to provide shipment details like dimensions (length, breadth, and height) and actual weight for all products.

How do I contact the Bigship support team?

You can contact on our IVR number, i.e., 9582837312 or mail at client.service@bighship.in.

What is a PUR ID?

It is a unique id of shipments used during pickups.

How do I find my PUR ID?

The concerned sales POC or Client Support POC will provide you with your PUR(Pickup Request) ID.

What is the escalation time limit for BigShip sellers for NDR?

The escalation time for NDR is between 24 hours.

How to calculate my shipping rate?

You can calculate shipping rate through BigShip’s Open Rate Calculator.

How does BigShip reduce RTO percentages?

By sending NDR (Non Delivery Report) on a daily basis.

Does BigShip offer To Pay and COD facilities?

Yes, BigShip offers To Pay and COD payment facilities.

Does BigShip offer shipment at INR 7.5*/kg?

BigShip offers shipment at INR 7.5*/kg for B2B only.

What is the USPs of BigShip?

BigShip is committed to provide the supreme services to its clients. We have our dedicated team of customer support which will be working for your non-delivery reports which in turn will help you to maximize your delivery ratio.

How do I create a shipment?

We will provide a complete training session for our technology platform which is an API integration with a single click.

What regions does BigShip serve?

Bigship delivers Pan-India, covering more than 29,000 PIN codes.

Do you provide services with the following PIN code?

You can verify Pincode serviceability by downloading the comprehensive Pincode Serviceability sheet.

What is a Transporter ID?

For high-value shipments above INR 50,000, sellers need to create an eway bill. To create an eway bill, you need to have a transporter id that is unique to every courier. Here are the transport IDs for our courier partners –

Delhivery 06AAPCS9575E1ZR
Ekart LTL 07AADCI8374D2ZH
TCI Express 06AADCT0663J4Z9
Xpressbees 06AADCT0663J4Z9
Xpressbees LTL 27AAGCB3904P2ZC
Can I send shipments internationally?

Yes, you can ship your shipment internationally. BigShip ships to more than 190 countries around the world.

Is it possible to ship without a GST number?

Yes, you can ship without a GST number, however, for B2B LTL, a GST number is mandatory. However, the seller must conduct deliveries without it at their own risk.

Can I ship frozen items with BigShip?

Yes, you can ship frozen food under the category of the essential items. The following courier partners are available for carrying such shipments-

How can I complete my KYC?

Know Your Customer, or KYC, allows us to validate the identity of our clients. KYC is a one-time process on our platform. The following documents are required to complete your KYC process:

  • Scanned copy of PAN Card
  • Scanned copy Aadhaar Card
  • Scanned copy Cancelled Check/Front page of your Passbook

Please Note: Your address proof and billing address must be the same. You can also complete your KYC using the Aadhaar-based OTP system.

What is the approximate delivery time of products?

The estimated delivery time of shipments, both domestic and international, is 7 days.

What are the customs duties and tariffs involved while shipping internationally?

There are various kinds of custom duties and tariffs involved while shipping internationally, depending on the country you’re shipping to,

Are items labeled as ‘Fragile’ handled with greater care by the courier partners?

Yes, items labeled as fragile undergo careful handling during shipping to prevent any avoidable product damage.

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