Shipping Insurance in E-commerce

Contents: 1. What is Shipping Insurance? 2. Does your eCommerce business need shipping insurance? 3. Deciding Factors for Shipping Insurance 4. Benefits of Shipping Insurance 5. Shipping Insurance Coverage As e-commerce continues to boom, the need for dependable shipping carriers has increased rapidly. Customers now expect fast delivery and an excellent shopping and returns experience. […]

Efficient Ways to Minimize RTO in E-commerce

Contents: 1. Reasons for Minimizing RTO 2. Ways of Minimizing RTO 3. How Bigship Helps in Minimizing RTO 4. Improving Website Functionality to Minimize RTO in eCommerce Return to Origin or RTO, occurs when an order cannot be delivered to the buyer and is consequently returned to the seller’s address or warehouse. This typically happens […]

All You Need To Know About RTO (Return To Origin) Shipping Charges in E-commerce

Contents: 1. Understanding Return To Origin 2. Causes of E-commerce RTO 3. What is the Next Process After RTO? 4. Scenarios of RTO process 5. How to Reduce RTO? Return to Origin or RTO is a crucial aspect of e-commerce logistics. This term indicates that a package cannot be delivered and is then sent back […]

Types of Shipping Modes: Which is Right for Your Business?

Selecting the appropriate shipping mode is of great importance for e-commerce businesses engaged in cargo transport or international freight shipping. It not only affects operational costs but also impacts customer satisfaction and competitiveness. Understanding how different shipping modes align with diverse business needs is crucial for optimizing logistics strategies.  In this blog, we delve into […]

Efficient Packaging: Maximizing Profit by Reducing Weight Disputes

Weight disputes in packaging are a common challenge affecting the profitability of businesses, particularly in the realm of eCommerce logistics. As companies strive to maintain healthy profit margins, factors such as high return rates (RTO) and weight discrepancies emerge as significant culprits. Efficient packaging emerges as a pivotal strategy to eliminate these challenges.  By optimizing […]

Tips for Packaging and Shipping Fragile Items

When it comes to shipping fragile items, the right packaging can make all the difference between a safe delivery and a shattered mess. That’s why understanding the importance of proper packaging is crucial. Fragile items, whether they’re delicate glassware or intricate electronics, require extra care and attention to ensure they arrive at their destination intact.  […]

How to Ship Heavy & Bulky Furniture All Over India

Shipping heavy and bulky furniture across India poses a unique set of challenges. Firstly, the sheer size and weight of these items make transportation a logistical puzzle. From navigating narrow streets to ensuring safe handling during loading and unloading, there’s a lot to consider.  Secondly, the fragility of furniture demands meticulous packaging to prevent damage […]

What is freight shipping and how can it benefit your business?

Contents: 1. What is a Freight? 2. Introduction to freight shipping 3. Advantages of Freight Shipping 4. Modes of Freight Shipping 5. What are the Factors Determining Freight Shipping Rates? 6. How You Can Ship Freight? 7. How to Find Out Freight Shipping Costs? 8. How to select a freight shipping company 9. How Does […]

Best & Cheapest Courier for Shipping Heavy Items in India

Shipping heavy items in India can be a daunting task, but it’s a necessity for many individuals and businesses alike. Whether you’re sending furniture, machinery, or any other bulky item, finding the right courier service is crucial. In this blog, we’ll explore the intricacies of how to ship bulky items efficiently and affordably.  We understand […]

10 Cheapest International Courier Services in India 2024

International courier services play a vital role in facilitating smooth cross-border trade and personal exchanges in today’s interconnected world. India, with its booming e-commerce industry and global business partnerships, relies heavily on efficient and cheap international shipping services for timely deliveries. Understanding the cheapest international courier services in India is not just about finding budget-friendly […]

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