10 Cheapest International Courier Services in India 2024

International courier services play a vital role in facilitating smooth cross-border trade and personal exchanges in today’s interconnected world. India, with its booming e-commerce industry and global business partnerships, relies heavily on efficient and cheap international shipping services for timely deliveries. Understanding the cheapest international courier services in India is not just about finding budget-friendly options but also about enabling businesses and individuals to expand their reach globally without breaking the bank.

Affordable courier services are crucial for businesses looking to cut shipping costs and remain competitive in the global market. Similarly, individuals sending parcels or gifts to loved ones abroad seek cost-effective solutions that ensure their packages reach their destination safely and on time. By exploring the cheapest international shipping services available, we aim to help businesses and people in India make smart decisions about international shipping by finding the most affordable options available.

Top 10 Cheapest International Courier Service Providers

Here is the curated selection of the most cost-effective international courier service providers operating within India and offering competitive rates without compromising on quality or reliability.


BigShip is a leading courier aggregator in India, known for its affordable and reliable services. Apart from excelling in domestic deliveries across India, BigShip has an extensive international shipping network covering over 190 countries. This makes it a go-to choice for businesses and individuals looking for cost-effective solutions for their global shipping needs. BigShip offers a range of services internationally, including express delivery that ensures items reach their destination in just 3 to 4 days. 

For bulk shipments, Bigship provides air cargo and sea cargo options, catering to various delivery requirements and budgets. What makes BigShip stand out as one of the cheapest courier service providers is its commitment to providing quality services at nominal rates. Whether you’re sending a small parcel or a large shipment, BigShip ensures affordability without compromising on timely and secure deliveries.


Delhivery offers affordable international shipping with door-to-door and port-to-port express and freight services. With direct collaborations with global airlines and ocean liners, it ensures efficient transportation at competitive rates. Delhivery’s integrated network encompasses express and freight solutions, enhanced by technology for tracking and supported by an in-house team for clearance. 

The dedication of Delhivery toward customer service further enhances its appeal. Delhivery combines reliability and expertise with affordability by partnering with FedEx in India for international express shipping. For businesses and individuals seeking economical yet dependable international logistics solutions, Delhivery comes out as a trusted choice. It bridges the gap between cost-effectiveness and quality courier service.


DTDC ranks among India’s most cost-effective international courier companies, extending its services to more than 220 destinations worldwide. DTDC guarantees smooth shipping by using strong partnerships and a widespread global network. Its range of international courier options suits various needs, balancing both speed and cost. 

The Priority Express service of DTDC offers fast and budget-friendly shipments, though without exact delivery times. It’s perfect for individuals and businesses seeking efficient and one of the cheapest international deliveries. Moreover, DTDC’s e-commerce solutions simplify shipping for online businesses by using private and postal networks. 


FedEx Corporation, a multinational conglomerate, is renowned for its air delivery service, FedEx Express which offers overnight delivery. It is currently serving over 220 countries and territories. FedEx provides eCommerce retailers with diverse shipping options, consolidating inventory and order data from various online platforms. It is recognized for its affordability as an international courier company.

FedEx offers cost-effective international shipping services tailored to your needs. With FedEx Express International, you can enjoy cost-effective air-based package delivery on a day-to-day basis. If you need to transport larger items, you can opt for FedEx Express International Freight at economical rates. For ground-based freight, you can rely on FedEx Freight transportation services for efficient and budget-friendly options. 


DHL is a key player in the international courier scene in India. This German logistics giant offers economical logistics solutions. Despite its vast reach delivering over 1.7 billion parcels annually, DHL maintains affordability. Its global services extend even to challenging destinations like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Myanmar. It also provides services to Cuba and North Korea but with strict restrictions. 

DHL’s expertise covers more than half a century with a team of over 100,000 Certified International Specialists. Moreover, its commitment to speed ensures swift door-to-door delivery on the next possible business day. DHL is a top choice for budget-conscious shippers in India, thanks to its affordable rates and global expertise.

India Post

India Post which is operated by the Indian government, is counted among the oldest and most reliable options for international couriers. It comes under the Ministry of Communications. India Post has the world’s largest distribution network, often called simply “Post Office.” With services reaching 219 destinations worldwide, including all major ones, India Post ensures comprehensive coverage. 

India Post offers an online Track & Trace feature for Air Parcel, enhancing transparency and convenience for customers. International Air Parcel bookings are accessible across all Departmental Post offices nationwide by facilitating easy access to cheap international shipping. India Post is trusted by individuals and businesses for its reliable and affordable global mail services, showcasing efficiency and trustworthiness.

Blue Dart

Blue Dart Express, based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, is a leading affordable international courier service provider in India. Renowned for its extensive reach and seasoned expertise, Blue Dart operates in more than 220 countries. Blue Dart Aviation, its subsidiary cargo airline, further strengthens its global presence, particularly in South Asian countries. 

The company offers a range of essential eCommerce services and unique features, including pre-scheduled delivery date selection and specialized options like climate-resistant packaging. Moreover, its API facilitates tailored services such as automated proof-of-delivery alerts. Blue Dart’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions solidifies its status as a top choice for international courier services in India by ensuring affordability, reliability, and convenience.


Aramex is considered one of the most cost-effective international courier companies which is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Aramex facilitates smooth export, import, and domestic express services by offering a comprehensive range of express shipping options. For urgent shipments, its Export Express ensures swift door-to-door delivery worldwide, while Priority Express guarantees timely shipping for documents and parcels. For more economical rates, Aramex’s Value Express service provides a time-definite delivery solution for less urgent and heavier packages. 

Aramex also caters to import needs by offering Import Express for time-sensitive shipments globally. With options like Import Unlimited, businesses can optimize their import processes, allowing global suppliers to ship directly using their Aramex account. Aramex’s focus on affordability and efficiency makes it a preferred choice for individuals as well as businesses looking for dependable international courier services.

Bombino Express

Founded in 1995, Bombino Express has evolved into one of India’s oldest and most reliable international courier companies. Bombino Express, known for its affordability, is the top pick for shipments within and beyond India, covering the USA, UK, China, the Middle East, and more. Bombino Express prioritizes customer satisfaction with a dedicated commitment to swift, safe, and secure shipping service.

Bombino Express ensures tailored logistics solutions through continual investment in innovation, technology, and its workforce. Its extensive network of offices and agents worldwide enables effortless coordination of air freight shipments, ensuring safety, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness. Bombino Express emerges as a reliable, affordable, and indispensable partner in international shipping as it recognizes the significance of ocean freight services in global trade.


Gxpress was established in 2016 and it has emerged as an affordable international shipping company, bridging the gap between organized and unorganized logistics. Gxpress offers reliable and customized solutions for shippers worldwide by prioritizing innovation and people-centric approaches. Its swift air freight service ensures efficient global connectivity with precision, while its dependable sea freight service links businesses across the globe. 

Despite its focus on efficiency and quality, Gxpress remains economical. It is an attractive option for businesses seeking cost-effective international shipping solutions. Gxpress, with its commitment to customer satisfaction and value-driven services, remains a trusted partner in global logistics.


In conclusion, the carefully picked list of the top 10 cheapest international courier service providers in India for 2024 offers businesses and individuals valuable insights into affordable shipping solutions. With a diverse range of options including renowned companies like Bigship, Delhivery, DTDC, FedEx, and more, this comprehensive guide empowers users to make informed choices for their global shipping needs. 

As people and businesses send packages worldwide, these courier services help make it easy. They use their knowledge and big networks to get packages delivered quickly and reliably. These courier companies care about making customers happy and offering them value for their money. They are changing how international shipping works, making sure it’s affordable without sacrificing quality and trustworthiness.





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