International Courier Service

How It Works

  1. Fill the final form to schedule your pickup

    Fill the final form to schedule your pickup.

  2. Make a payment online, and your parcel will be dispatched within 24 hours

    Make a payment online, and your parcel will be dispatched within 24 hours.

  3. Within 48 hours after scheduling your pickup

    Within 48 hours after scheduling your pickup, we will come to your doorstep to pick your order for proceeding shipment.

  4. After proceeding with all the documentation, we will proceed with your order with one of our reliable courier associates.


How It Works

With our trusted international shipping partners get your shipment deliver with super fast speed to the final destination. Without any hassle.


Door to door pickup of products anywhere in India.


We ship products in every corner of the world.

3-6 Days**

We take less than a week as average shipping time.

Best Price

International Shipping with Bigship is quite affordable.

Are you curious? How Bigship make it all happen? Believe us;
We plan shipments according to your needs.

Bigship Relocation

Convenient and easy international courier services from packing to picking and shipping your parcels around the globe. Get your customize shipping service plan today with Bigship.

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Proceed safe and secure courier services with . You can schedule your pickup from anywhere in India, and our professional will pick your order and dispatch it within 24-48 hours. The package will reach your destination within 3-6 business days.

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During these busy days, It become tough to manage the business. So leave all the hassles of shipment on Bigship. If you are looking for a professional courier service provider, then Bigship will help to ship your large/small parcels across the globe with rocket speed. Bigship is your choice even you are shipping the single product or bundle of parcels from your business. You will get pocket-friendly prices and convenient payment methods. So sign up, proceed with payment and Schedule your pickup. We will proceed with your international shipment within a week from our reliable courier partner.

Best International shipping providers in India

Bigship manages all your shipment needs, starting right from Best shipping services, affordable price solutions and easy pickups. Let us describe all the features of Bigship international shipping-

Easy signup and use dashboard

It is very easy and quick to sign up for your future shipments. In addition, it is easy to access the Bigship dashboard for processing all your shipments. You can use the dashboard with a few clicks and swipes.

Pocket-friendly shipping prices-

International shipping prices are usually quite expensive to proceed with. with it become extremely cheap to deliver all your products across the globe.

Door to Door pickups anywhere in India

Once you are satisfied with the plans and services of Bigship, you can sign up and schedule the pickup of your product from any location in India. Then, our professional will come and pick your order to proceed with further shipments.

We ship across the globe.

Your business will not be limited to specific locations; Bigship ships your products across the world. You can ship your products to any final destination with Bigship. We proceed with shipment for 195+ countries with an escalated speed.

Trustworthy courier associates

Bigship is partnered with some of the fastest, trustworthy and reliable courier partners to proceed with your international shipping. Our international courier partners are ensuring the best delivery services to our clients.

Advance tracking facility

with the Bigship’s dashboard, you can track your order from wherever you are, ensuring the safety and security of the products and avoiding misplace and loss of packages.

24*7 Customer support

At, you will get the best customer support at every step of your international shipment. Our professional and expert customer executive team is reachable by all means of communication to solve your queries.

Shipping Rate Chart for different destination

It is important to check on the prices for international shipping the international shipping rate calculator will help you get the approximate price for your international shipments to different destinations. You need to fill in the details of the destination and weight of your product to get the approximate charge. Here are the price details are given for top countries to ship your products.

How to send your parcels with Bigship

  • You need to sign up with Bigship and get access to your customize Bigship dashboard.
  • Enter the details of your shipment ad in Number of parcels, weight, destination address and pickup address.
  • Now schedule a pickup of your order.
  • Proceed with the payment, which you can make online or provide cash on delivery to pick up professionals
  • Our professional will come to your doorstep and will pick your order for further process.
  • We will complete the documentation and ship your product to the final destination with one of our reliable courier partners as soon as possible.

Prohibited and restricted products

Some items cannot be shipped through courier from the origin country to the final destination the product list of banned or restricted items may differ from country to country.

Prohibited products are those which can never be shipped through courier services.

Restricted items can be shipped with a license, grant, agreement or permission from the destination country.

Products such as precious metals like gold, silver, diamond, platinum, flammable items, toxic substances, medical devices, medicines, fresh foods, microprocessors, guns, adult toys come under restricted or banned items. Therefore, you need to verify your shipments with this protocol.

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