Top 10 Known International Courier Services in India 2024

In today’s connected world, international courier services are crucial for smooth and efficient cross-border shipments. As of 2024, India boasts a diverse array of top-notch international courier services that cater to the burgeoning demands of global trade and personal shipments. From the reliable services of DHL and FedEx to the widespread network of UPS, these courier giants have established themselves as the backbone of international logistics. Other notable players include Blue Dart, Aramex, and Bigship, each contributing to India’s robust courier industry. 

This article explores the top 10 known international courier services in India for 2024, shedding light on their key features, operational strengths, and the significant role they play in fostering international trade and communication. Whether it’s business documents, packages, or personal items, these courier services form an indispensable link in the chain of global connectivity.


Founded in 2020, Bigship stands as India’s foremost business center, meeting a wide spectrum of eCommerce needs. It offers a strong platform focused on delivering exceptional shipping services designed for social sellers, marketplace vendors, shop owners, and large-scale online retail businesses. Bigship is an influential courier aggregator in India which also provides world-class international shipping services. 

This platform offers a wide range of services like shipping parcels of various sizes (from 500g to 5 tons+), multiple carrier choices, real-time shipment tracking, cost savings, tailored solutions, efficient paperwork management, excellent customer support, and easy integration with other systems. Bigship has served over 29000 pin codes and 220+ countries. 


FedEx started in 1971 and now reaches over 19,000 pin codes in India. They also work in 220+ countries worldwide. They have different types of international courier services, like FedEx International Economy, FedEx International First, and FedEx International Priority. These services depend on where you are, how many orders you have, and other things like that. They help with shipping stuff all around the world and make sure that things get where they need to go quickly and reliably.


Aramex is a big shipping company from the UAE. They’ve been sending packages worldwide since 1997. In India, they’re part of Delhivery and they send stuff to over 220 countries. If you run an online store, you can pick between two Aramex services: Export Express or Export Value. Export Express gets your stuff there fast, while Export Value is a bit more budget-friendly. So, depending on how quickly you need things delivered and what you want to spend, they’ve got options that fit for shipping things internationally.

Blue Dart

BlueDart extends its services to over 35,000 pin codes within India, ensuring widespread coverage. Internationally, it operates in more than 220 countries and boasts a well-established network for swift and dependable courier deliveries. The company has earned a reputation for providing faster yet slightly more expensive solutions for cross-border orders. With a focus on efficiency and value, BlueDart’s presence in numerous countries reflects its commitment to delivering parcels promptly. As a trusted courier service, it caters to the diverse needs of customers by offering a convenient and extensive reach for both domestic and international shipments.


DHL ranks as one of the longest-serving international courier services, specifically designed for the Indian eCommerce sector. DHL provides comprehensive solutions with warehouse and transportation management, emphasizing eco-friendly courier services. Renowned for its commitment to the environment, it ensures sustainable practices. The company facilitates international courier services using a diverse range of transportation modes, including air, rail, and sea. With a rich history and a focus on environmental responsibility, DHL remains a stalwart choice for the Indian eCommerce market. It has been offering reliable and diverse shipping solutions since its inception in 1969.


Established in 1990, DTDC, an Indian courier company, has earned acclaim as a leading provider of both domestic and global services. With an extensive network of offices and distribution centers in 240 countries, including various SAARC nations and parts of China, DTDC excels in offering Express International Courier services and International COD (cash on delivery). This strategic setup enables the company to efficiently manage deliveries worldwide and ensures swift and secure services. DTDC’s commitment to excellence has solidified its position as a reliable choice for individuals and businesses seeking hassle-free domestic and international courier solutions.

India Post

Initiated by the Ministry of Communication and Technology and managed by the Department of Post, India Post is the oldest and most dependable postal service in the country. Offering a diverse range of services, it extends its reach internationally to over 200 countries through air courier services. India Post also provides reliable tracking options. Known for its affordability, India Post ensures cost-effective solutions for sending parcels globally. With a commitment to efficient communication, this longstanding postal service has become a trusted choice. It has combined tradition and modernity to meet the diverse mailing needs of individuals and businesses in India since its start.


UPS, renowned as a common carrier in the United States, extends its services to the Indian eCommerce sector as a prominent international courier provider. Distinguished for its versatility, UPS excels in handling various freight categories, from live animals to hazardous goods. It offers expedited international courier services by ensuring doorstep delivery within just 5 days of placing an order. With its commitment to efficient and secure transportation, UPS has become a go-to choice for businesses and individuals in India as it facilitates seamless cross-border shipments and caters to a wide range of shipping needs.


Starting its journey in 1995, Bombino Express has grown into one of India’s oldest and most trusted courier companies. Every year, it sees steady growth in both the number of shipments and earnings, building confidence and trust among customers. With a main office in Hackensack, New Jersey, Bombino Express efficiently caters to domestic, international, and intra-city shipping needs. Whether it’s importing or exporting, Bombino Express is considered the top choice for shipments within or between India, USA, UK, China, the Middle East, and worldwide. 


NimbusGlobal, a part of NimbusPost, helps businesses ship their products worldwide. It works with over 11 top courier companies to make global shipping easier. Their goal is to create a clear and effective system for businesses to send their goods to over 196 countries. NimbusGlobal, rapidly expanding in India, unites top carrier partners on one platform to address the specific shipping needs of entrepreneurs. NimbusGlobal serves clients across various business segments like B2B, B2C, D2C, and more. It offers a range of shipping solutions worldwide, including eCom+ Priority+, Door-to-door Air Cargo+, Warehouse & Fulfillment+, Freight Forwarding+, and other diverse options. 

Hurdles While Doing International Shipping

International shipping involves its fair share of challenges, which can pose hurdles for businesses and individuals alike. Steering through these obstacles is crucial to ensure a smooth and successful shipping process.

Complex Custom Regulations: One of the primary challenges in international shipping is the complexity of customs regulations. Each country has its own set of rules and requirements, making it essential for shippers to be well-versed in these regulations to avoid delays and additional costs. Customs documentation, including invoices and declarations, must be accurate and complete to facilitate the clearance process.

Shipping Restrictions: Another hurdle is the ever-changing nature of shipping restrictions. Different countries have varying prohibitions and restrictions on certain items, such as food, plants, or electronics. Adhering to these restrictions is vital to prevent packages from being held at customs or, worse, confiscated. Staying informed about the specific restrictions of each destination country is critical to avoid such complications.

Delivery Time: Delivery times can also be a significant challenge. International shipments often cover vast distances and may be subject to delays caused by weather conditions, transportation issues, or customs clearance. It’s important for shippers to provide realistic delivery estimates to customers and track shipments closely to address any unforeseen delays promptly.

Shipping Costs: Shipping rates and costs present another hurdle in international shipping. Calculating accurate shipping costs involves considering various factors, including weight, dimensions, and destination. Additionally, currency exchange rates and fluctuating fuel prices can impact overall shipping expenses. Finding cost-effective shipping solutions while maintaining service quality requires careful planning with shipping carriers.

Shipping to Isolated Areas: Navigating remote areas poses its own set of challenges. Some destinations, especially in developing countries or isolated regions, may have limited transportation infrastructure. Shippers must consider the availability of reliable delivery services to these areas and plan accordingly. Remote deliveries can incur higher costs and longer transit times.

Insurance: Insurance coverage is a critical aspect that can’t be overlooked. While shipping carriers typically offer basic insurance, it may not cover the full value of high-cost items. Shippers should assess the need for additional insurance to protect against potential loss or damage during transit. Understanding the terms and conditions of insurance coverage is essential to filing claims efficiently if issues arise.

How to Choose Best International Courier Services?

Choosing the best international courier service is a vital decision for individuals and businesses engaged in global shipping. Several factors must be carefully considered to ensure a seamless and reliable shipping experience.

Speed: One crucial factor is delivery speed. Different courier services offer varying delivery timelines, and selecting one that aligns with your urgency and time constraints is essential. Speedy deliveries are particularly crucial for businesses that rely on timely shipments to meet customer expectations.

Weekend Delivery: Weekend delivery options can be crucial, especially for time-sensitive shipments. Not all courier services offer weekend delivery services, so businesses requiring deliveries on Saturdays or Sundays should ensure their chosen courier can accommodate these needs.

Tracking Options: Tracking capabilities are essential for keeping both senders and recipients informed about the status and location of their shipments. Choose a courier service that provides real-time tracking information that allows you to monitor the progress of your package throughout its journey.

Shipping Charges: Shipping rates are a significant consideration, especially for businesses operating on tight budgets. It’s important to compare shipping rates among different courier services to find a balance between cost and service quality. Additionally, inquire about any hidden fees that may impact the overall shipping cost.

Customer Service: customer service plays a pivotal role in the overall shipping experience. A responsive and helpful customer service team can address queries, provide assistance in case of issues, and contribute to a positive overall experience. Evaluate the customer service reputation of the courier service before making a final decision.

Importance Of Planning A Budget For International Shipping

Planning a budget for international shipping is crucial for several reasons. Five of these reasons are mentioned below.

  • Firstly, it allows businesses to allocate resources efficiently by preventing overspending and ensuring financial stability. 
  • Secondly, a well-defined budget helps in negotiating shipping rates as it helps in potentially reducing overall shipping costs. 
  • Thirdly, it enables businesses to plan for unexpected expenses such as customs duties or delays. 
  • Fourthly, a budget aids in setting realistic expectations for delivery times and ensures timely shipments. 
  • Lastly, it enhances transparency and accountability in financial management and provides a clear overview of expenses related to international shipping.


In conclusion, the picture of international courier services in India for 2024 showcases a dynamic array of providers, each contributing to the seamless flow of global shipments. From the extensive reach of Blue Dart to the longstanding reliability of India Post, these top 10 courier services play a pivotal role in connecting the nation with over 220 countries worldwide. With a focus on efficiency, reliability, and diverse service offerings, these courier giants continue to shape the landscape of cross-border logistics by meeting the evolving needs of businesses and individuals. In the ever-expanding world of international connectivity, these services play a key role in global trade and communication.

International Courier Services in India 2024: FAQs

Ques: Which courier service is best in India for international?

Ans: DHL, FedEx, and UPS are among the best international courier services in India. They offer reliable and efficient shipping with global reach, secure handling, and timely deliveries.


Ques: What is the cheapest way to ship internationally from India?

Ans: The most cost effective method for international shipping from India is typically through postal services or economy shipping options provided by courier companies, balancing affordability and delivery time.


Ques: Does Blue Dart deliver internationally?

Ans: Blue Dart primarily focuses on domestic delivery, however, it also offers international shipping to over 220 countries. 


Ques: What is the future of the courier industry in India?

Ans: The Courier, Express, and Parcel (CEP) Market in India is anticipated to expand from USD 7.28 billion in 2023 to USD 15.75 billion by 2028, reflecting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.69% throughout the forecast period (2023-2028).


Ques: Does DTDC ship internationally?

Ans: Yes, DTDC offers international shipping services. They operate globally, providing reliable courier solutions for both domestic and international shipments from India to 220+ countries around the world.


Ques: Which courier is best for international?

Ans: Determining the best international courier depends on factors like destination, speed, and cost. Renowned options include DHL, FedEx, UPS, and EMS. It’s advisable to consider individual shipment requirements, service reliability, and reviews when choosing the most suitable international courier for your needs.


Ques: Is India Post good for international parcels?

Ans: India Post provides international parcel services that are cost-effective but may have longer delivery times compared to private couriers. It’s suitable for less time-sensitive shipments. Consider factors like cost, delivery speed, and tracking options to determine if it aligns with your specific needs.


Ques: Who offers the cheapest international shipping?

Ans: The cost of international shipping can vary based on factors like destination, package weight, and delivery speed. While UPS may offer competitive rates, the “cheapest” option depends on specific shipment details. 


Ques: Does DTDC deliver to London?

Ans: DTDC UK provides international shipping services to London. 


Ques: Is DHL good for international?

Ans: Yes, DHL is renowned for its reliable and efficient international shipping services. It offers fast and secure delivery options, real-time tracking, and a global network, making it a preferred choice for businesses and individuals requiring timely and secure shipments across international borders.


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