How Automated Shipping Proceeds With Courier Aggregator

Who Are Courier Aggregators?

Courier aggregators are the third-party managing shipment for the ecommerce platforms. In the last few years, courier aggregators are growing at a rapid speed. Online merchants are giving a marked preference to the courier aggregator companies than taking single courier services. Courier aggregators make shipping easier, comfortable and convenient for ecommerce. Delivering the goods becomes easy and simple with the efforts of the courier aggregators. Everything is managed by the courier aggregators, from managing orders to finding the best carrier provider for the particular order. Courier aggregators govern everything. If you go for a courier aggregator then going for one single carrier service provided, it will help you take your e-commerce to different levels of success. The shipment and tracking, Managing NDR, redelivery, remittance, cash on delivery, and other services are managed on the courier aggregators’ panels. Once you get associated with them, the hustle of shipment gets to sort out, and your burden goes by.

Shipping becomes significantly automated with the courier aggregators. Let us find how automated shipping proceeds with the courier aggregators.

How Does Automated Shipping Proceed With The Courier Aggregators?

  • Reaching to the Clients- First, the courier aggregators go to their clients, the offline or online merchants, through different social media platforms or other advertising ways.
  • Formal Procedures- All the legal discussions and processes undergo the client trust the courier aggregator and find the most suitable for their shipments.
  • Bringing Clients on Board- Specific panels and dashboards is created for the client to get them on board. They can check all the necessary details about their shipments, tracking, NDR, RTO, redelivery, remittance, and other services. They can find the best carrier partner to deliver their products.
  • Manage Shipment of All Your Orders At a Single Platform- Once you are on board with your courier aggregator, everything is sorted into a single platform with few clicks, and you don’t need to use multiple panels, from finding the best and cheapest carrier provider to getting instant remittance or managing RTO or NDR. You will be able to find everything on the summit of the courier aggregator.
    This is a necessary procedure almost all the courier aggregators follow to make shipment extremely easy and convenient for you. There are a number of courtier aggregators available in the market. The unique features and services provided by them make them different from each other. Online merchants need to find the best courier aggregator for themselves.

Bigship As Courier Aggregator

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