What is Weight Reconciliation in Heavy Shipments?

Have you frequently experienced the issue of being excessively charged for your order by the courier company especially with your heavy shipments?

We are sure you do as it is common in case of heavy shipments with a lot of other eCommerce sellers. Weight disputes are often the biggest pain point in the eCommerce industry.

While we love an increase sales or revenues but when it comes to unexpected charges due to incorrect weight estimation of packages, it is an awful experience. And when it comes to heavy shipments the incorrect weight estimated can actually burn a hole in the pocket.

But what if you are told you that there is a hassle-free way that could help you take care of any such issues related to the weight of your heavy shipment order- with just a few click!

Well, we at Bigship offer, the perfect solution that takes care of all your heavy shipment weight management issues in a hassle-free way! In order to verify that the correct amount is charged during the shipping process, it is necessary to ensure that the weight is accurately calculated for all types of cargo.

Bigship’s weight reconciliation services verify shipping weight to ensure that there are no discrepancies, thereby avoiding a loss in revenue due to unnecessary charges.

By making sure that the carriers are charged the explicit amount that they are due, our weight reconciliation for freight services benefit all of the partners involved in the transactions of cargo transportation.

If you differ with the charged amount against your order’s weight, you can simply raise a dispute for it at Bigship. This is basically weight discrepancy and it happens when the courier partner charges a higher amount for your shipment based on the weight. At Bigship, the amount for your order is charged based on its dead weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher. Bigship puts the additional amount charged by the courier company on hold that cannot be utilized by either of the parties until the discrepancy is sorted out.

To Raise a Dispute-

Go to Weight Panel from the menu and select Weight Reconciliation. Click on it and follow the some steps to raise a dispute. A new form will pop up. Provide the details as per the information required in it then simply click. When you are done with the form filling and raising the dispute, next select a category and a sub-category along with photographs of your concerned shipment.

Post this, Bigship will take up to 7 days to resolve it. If there is a dispute, then you will see the notification pop up on your Bigship dashboard, when next you log in. However, if you do not respond to the dispute within seven days, then Bigship Auto Accepts it and the additional amount charged is debited from your Bigship wallet. When you respond to a dispute, Bigship resolves it within seven days and gets back to you with a resolution.

In situations where the dispute is in favour of the seller, the wallet amount freeze is credited back to the wallet. And if it is not in favour of the seller, then the amount is credited to the courier company. You can also view your dispute history by clicking on the Weight Reconciliation tab.

Benefits of Bigship’s Weight Reconciliation Services:

????Get a Speedy Resolution- Once the dispute has been raised at the ‘seller’s end, the weight reconciliation manager ensures that one gets a quick resolution. Also, the amount under dispute gets freeze. Bigship helps resolve the conflict by asking the seller to upload appropriate proof against their claim. In case of claims where the seller is not at fault, the disputed amount will be credited back to the wallet.

????Save Both Time And Cost- The weight reconciliation manager thus helps in saving time and costs for sellers. While is can get messy and time consuming as it can take an entire day searching for a list of your orders that were being over charged. But with Bigship’s dedicated weight dispute manager tool, one can find such orders with seconds.

Please note the maximum for the resolution can take up to seven days, but the probability is that the sellers get their reimbursements for incorrectly charged shipments even faster.


With appropriate management of your orders through the weight reconciliation management tool, you can easily save costs and time. Packaging also plays a significant role in your shipping charges, which is why you must never overlook this process. Remember if are using very large boxes for packaging your product, your shipping charges will shoot up and vice versa. Therefore, pay attention to how you are packaging your heavy shipment products.


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