What is a courier aggregator

A courier aggregator is an organization that has partnerships with major distributor partners. By this method, they carry to one platform several delivery agencies and offer you reduced shipment rates than normal. Since it is a space involving several courier companies, you can select which provider to ship the orders you would like to use. There are also several other features that you can get with courier aggregators, such as automation, integration of APIs, etc.

Advantages your business gets with courier aggregators

1) A large pin code reaches out to
For courier aggregators, when you exploit the pin code scope of even more than one operator, you get a wide pin code range. Therefore you will reach out to a large audience around the nation with several courier service providers at your side.

2) Multiple partner couriers
Over ten courier service partners are incorporated with their network through several courier aggregators. Based on the collection and distribution pin code, you get an option to choose the one that is best for your company and fits the criteria for each order. You may also pick the service that provides the lowest rate or is most popular with the audience.

3) Incorporation of the Website and Marketplace
With the support of APIs, you can incorporate courier aggregator networks with the site or marketplace. In order to make delivery feasible straight from the website, these APIs retrieve data via the site and manage orders on the platform. This eliminates any order failure and maintains the website in line with the protocol for fulfillment.

4) Simplified handling of return orders
It is simpler to use a method to return requests with a network that has several courier service members. Initially, you can select a collaborator who can efficiently perform the role. Second, you can put a return request directly, as the network is unified. Also since authentication to a pin code is challenging with just one operator, you do not limit your return requests.

5) Convenience of use of a multipurpose platform to access
Courier aggregators typically provide you with a portal that allows the handling of advance and return orders from one location. This provides you in one spot exposure to all operations, and you can easily fulfill your entire order directly.

6) Options for payment
As they do not have the ability to do so, several eCommerce logistics companies can not include you with many possibilities to receive payments from your purchasers. You get the option of cash on delivery and postpaid transactions with eCommerce distribution partners.

BigShip is one major courier aggregator that provides these and many other characteristics. Including over 17+ courier company, 13 websites and platform compatibility, and other related features to make shipment an easier job for you, we are India’s pioneering eCommerce transporter and logistics company. Find out regarding our more offerings and discover the best forum for delivery by us.

With BigShip, India’s pioneering courier aggregator, additional features can be used.

1) No charge for setup
For free, you can use BigShip. There is not any fee for accessing the site, and you just pay for every shipment’s delivery charges. You can thus make use of a completely configured portal to provide a smooth eCommerce shipping service for your customers.

2) Management of inventories
On the BigShip screen, you can attach your stock and monitor your deliveries instantly from there. This method saves you several hours of time logging and counting your list for every shipment. Also, you can gain on investing in other tools for inventory control if you use BigShip.

3) Suggestion engine for Delivery
The said engine is licensed software from BigShip. Depending on its pickups and distribution results, COD remittance, and refund order control, our courier service suggestion engine is an artificial learning-based information system that helps to decide the best transporter collaborator for a delivery. Therefore, we will do the job for you if you are uncertain about selecting between multiple courier service partners and tell you which provider is most appropriate for each delivery.

4) Quicker reconciliation for COD
BigShip provides quicker COD remittances as opposed to other dispatch partners. As your money will not be trapped with some courier partner or intermediary, this comes to your benefit. COD orders will quickly be approved as the payment time from them will dramatically decrease.

5) Application backed up by AI and data
BigShip is the only artificial intelligence-powered eCommerce distribution system in India and provides functionality such as courier service suggestion, estimated shipment date, etc. These sets of data help you make wise judgments and also enable your client to deliver a much better delivery service.

6) Analytics for business
There is also comprehensive analytics of your deliveries on the BigShip website, and we submit two daily extracts per day to remind you regarding your shipments and shipped orders. These figures help you maintain track of the organization and strengthen any tactics that might need an update as well.

7) Cover for insurance
With BigShip, for your missed shipments, you get the full protection. You can ship free of hassle and worry, and not worry regarding believing BigShip either.

8) NDR digital interface
We have a virtual NDR platform that decreases by over 50 percent the transaction time of undelivered shipments. To give your customers a chance to submit their input and shipment choice about the undelivered order, we have implemented a buyer loop.

9) Ongoing order monitoring
Coordinated APIs with courier suppliers guarantee that you and your customers are constantly updated and notified by notifications and SMS about the location of your deliveries at all stages.

For such incredible functionality at your side, you can certainly ship far and wide to ensure that your brand hits your customers safe and secure!

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