Why Risk Management in the Warehouse is Important?

Warehouses are one of the most important parts of any business, no business can run without a proper, spacious, and risk-free warehouse for a smooth functioning of the business and safety of the goods and labor working inside the warehouse. As we know the importance of warehouses, we also know that the warehouses are exposed […]

What is Reverse Logistics in e-Commerce And How It Works

Number of products in an eCommerce business, which is shipped every day to different customers at different locations. Hence, different logistics are strategically essential to manage the flow of these products. The regular shipment allows the different businesses to function smoothly and helps balance the economy. Therefore, reverse logistics and regular logistics are now an […]

Understand the Basic Differences Between Wholesaling and Retailing

The term wholesale literally means trading in bulk volume, and selling goods in limited quantities represents retail. Wholesale and retail are two sales deals that make up a large majority of the distribution network. They are sold in vast quantities (wholesale) to the wholesalers as the products are made, who then market them to the […]

What is Supply Chain Management & its Process in E-Commerce?

An integral part of e-commerce is the distribution channel control. In e-commerce, logistics and supply chain management focuses on the sourcing of raw materials, the production, and delivery at the proper moment of the right commodity. Which entails supply and demand control, warehousing, product monitoring, entry of orders, order management, procurement, and customer fulfillment. In […]

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