Top 10 Indian Courier Companies for Ecommerce Businesses

In India’s growing logistics industry, the year 2024 will witness the prowess of the best courier service providers in India. These delivery companies play a key role in connecting businesses and consumers across the vast subcontinent. This article will reveal the top players in the logistics industry, highlighting the top 10 best courier service companies in India in 2024.

From stalwarts like DTDC, BlueDart, Delhivery, and Gati, known for their extensive networks and reliability, to global giants like FedEx and DHL, these companies symbolize the backbone of India’s logistics infrastructure. Ecom express, eKart Logistics, Xpressbees, and Safexpress also excel in efficient parcel delivery. In today’s rapid e-commerce world, these courier service providers lead with fast and secure delivery, meeting high customer expectations.

List of 10 Best Courier Companies

Here are India’s leading courier services, delivering excellence nationwide. Let’s explore each of them in details.


DTDC commenced its operations in 1990 and pioneered the utilization of a network of entrepreneurs (Channel Partners) as India’s initial express logistics company. DTDC has grown from a local courier to a well-known express logistics provider by offering diverse delivery solutions to both individuals and businesses. They operate a network spanning 14,000+ physical customer access points, serving over 14,000 pin codes, reaching about 96% of India’s population. They also provide international shipping to 220+ destinations worldwide through global delivery partners.

The DTDC brand has evolved from a local courier and parcel service to a widely recognized express logistics provider, offering diverse delivery solutions to retail and business clients. Their range includes express services, domestic cargo, Value-added services (VAS), and intracity services. The shipments in DTDC can be tracked in two ways, first by entering the AWB or Consignment number and secondly by entering the Reference number. 

DTDC Services

  • Express Services
  • Domestic Cargo
  • Value-added services (VAS), including cash-on-delivery (COD) and Freight-on-Delivery (FOD)
  • Intracity Services

Features of DTDC

  • Serviceable Pin Codes: 14,000+
  • Domestic Shipping: Available
  • International Shipping: Available
  • International Shipping Destinations: 220+ countries
  • Tracking: AWB number and Reference number
  • Shipping Charges: INR 150 for 1 Kg
  • Store Locator: Available


Delhivery was founded in 2011 and to date, the team has completed over 2 billion orders nationwide. They’ve created a network covering every state, serving 18,600+ pin codes. With 24 sort centers, 94 gateways, 2880 delivery centers, and a team of 57,000+, they ensure nonstop delivery all year round. Delhivery stands as India’s biggest all-in-one logistics provider. Their goal is to create a top-notch system for business by blending top-tier infrastructure, high-quality logistics, and advanced technology.

Delhivery offers several services such as express parcel, warehousing, part truckload, full truckload, and cross border, and apart from these services, it also provides data intelligence. Delhivery claims to be India’s dominant express parcel provider. Delhivery, since its inception, has created dense network data for over 2 billion orders along with over 30 billion shipment milestones. Delhivery offers four ways to track its shipments, firstly by entering the registered mobile number, secondly by entering the AWB number, thirdly by entering the order ID, and lastly by entering the LRN number. 

Delhivery Services

  • Supply chain
  • Express parcel
  • Cross-border services
  • Partial-truckload freight
  • Truckload freight

Features of Delhivery

  • Serviceable Pin Codes: 18,600+
  • Delivery Centers: 2880
  • Domestic Shipping: Available
  • International Shipping: Available
  • Tracking: Registered Mobile number, AWB number, Order ID, and LRN number
  • Delivery on Sundays: Available

Blue Dart

Blue Dart Express, founded in 1983, is an Indian company that delivers packages and provides courier services. It is a top air delivery and transportation company in South Asia, handling integrated distribution. Blue Dart delivers safely to 55,400+ places in India. It’s a top choice for customers and aims to make partnerships stronger with its focus on serving them well. Blue Dart connects to the biggest global network for fast delivery and logistics by reaching over 220 countries and territories.

Blue Dart provides a wide range of delivery services, such as air express, freight forwarding, supply chain solutions, and customs clearance, covering all aspects of distribution. Blue Dart has a subsidiary airline called Blue Dart Aviation, which runs in countries across South Asia. Additionally, in 2002, Blue Dart formed a business partnership with DHL Express. Blue Dart provides two ways to track shipments, firstly by entering the Waybill and secondly by entering the Reference number.

Blue Dart Services

  • Domestic Priority
  • Dart Apex
  • Dart Surfaceline
  • Bharat Dart
  • Smart Box
  • Express Pallet
  • Airport-to-Airport
  • Interline

Key Features of Blue Dart

  • Serviceable Pin Codes: 55,400+
  • Domestic Shipping: Available
  • International Shipping: Available
  • International Shipping Destinations: 220+ countries
  • Location Finder: Available
  • Transit Time & Price: Available
  • Tracking: Waybill and Reference number


Gati was established in the year 1989, headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana. Gati stands as a top Express Distribution company in India. It’s widely present across Asia and has a vast network covering 735 out of 739 districts in the country, along with over 19,800 PIN Codes. Gati’s extensive reach gives it the special advantage of reaching every corner of India. It was the pioneer in India to introduce delivery dates on dockets and began guaranteeing refunds, marking a significant milestone in its services.

Key areas of focus for Gati encompass Express Distribution, Air Freight, Cold Chain solutions, E-commerce, First and Last Mile Logistics, among others. Additionally, Gati provides specialized B2C services such as Laabh, Bike Express, Student Express, and more. Its services and solutions are crafted to be adaptable and expandable as it caters to the diverse requirements of businesses across various industry sectors.

Gati Services

  • Laabh
  • Bike Express
  • Student Express
  • Express Distribution
  • Air Freight
  • Cold Chain Solutions

Features of Gati

  • Serviceable Pin Codes: 19,800+
  • Districts covered: 735 districts
  • Domestic Shipping: Available
  • International Shipping: Available
  • Delivery charges: Rs 600 per Kg
  • B2C services provided: Laabh, Bike Express, Student Express, etc.


Established in 1971, the FedEx Corporation is an American multinational conglomerate holding entity. Currently, FedEx extends its services to over 220 countries and territories, consistently introducing new products and services worldwide. The operations of FedEx Corporation are organized into four primary business units. These are FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, and FedEx Logistics. FedEx Express, the original overnight courier service offered by the company, ensures next-day air delivery within the United States and provides reliable international services. 

FedEx Ground delivers mail and packages to commercial destinations in the United States and Canada with a specified delivery timeframe.FedEx Logistics offers a range of services, including supply chain management, specialized transportation, cross-border e-commerce support, customs brokerage, and technology for trade management. In FedEx, shipments can be tracked in four ways, namely, through tracking number, by reference number, by TCN, and by obtaining proof of delivery.

FedEx Services

  • Specialized Transportation
  • FedEx Express
  • FedEx Ground 
  • FedEx Freight
  • FedEx Logistics
  • Warehousing

Features of FedEx

  • Countries covered: 220+ countries
  • Domestic Shipping: Available
  • International Shipping: Available
  • Shipping charges: INR 135 for 0.5 Kg
  • Tracking: Reference number, Tracking number, and Proof of delivery

Ecom Express

Ecom Express Limited started in 2012 and is a top logistics solutions provider for Indian retail and e-commerce. They use technology to manage the entire delivery process. Ecom Express employs advanced technology and automated systems to handle logistics and supply chain needs across 29 states and 6 union territories in India. They reach over 2,700 cities and towns, covering 27,000+ pin codes nationwide. Over the past ten years, Ecom Express has developed a dependable and automated infrastructure, including 150+ gateways, hubs, processing, and fulfillment centers. They’ve established 3,000+ delivery centers to reach every part of India.

The company’s main service, Ecom Express Services (EXS), covers everything from the initial pickup to final delivery, including reverse logistics. They also provide supply chain, storage, and fulfillment solutions through Ecom Fulfillment Services (EFS). Additionally, leveraging its extensive network, Ecom Express offers digital solutions like e-KYC, cash collection, and document management to businesses in banking, retail, and other sectors through Ecom Digital Services (EDS).

Ecom Express Services

  • Ecom Express Service
  • Ecom Fulfillment Service
  • Ecom Digital Service
  • Value Added Service

Features of Ecom Express

  • Serviceable Pin Codes: 27,000+
  • Delivery Centers: 3,000+
  • Domestic Shipping: Available
  • Delivery on Sundays: Yes 

Ekart Logistics

Established in 2009, Ekart is India’s biggest Supply Chain company. They guarantee a customized Supply Chain solution that’s both efficient and effective. Their network includes state-of-the-art Warehouses covering 20 locations, over 7000 trucks operating daily across the country, 70+ fulfillment centers, 80+ sortation facilities, and 3500 delivery hubs by ensuring on-time deliveries across 14,000 pin codes. Ekart’s mission is to empower the nation and serve its customers. 

Ekart focuses on developing a cost-effective and efficient Supply Chain while also prioritizing the creation of a sustainable one. Ekart Logistics provides the following services such as B2C Express, B2B Express, 4PL Solution, etc. Their Air capability guarantees timely delivery of time-sensitive parcel shipments to 1,800 cities within 96 hours. Clients can track their shipments by entering the LR Shipment ID. 

Ekart Logistics Services

  • B2C Express
  • B2B Express
  • 4PL Solution
  • Warehousing
  • Community Warehousing
  • Hassle-Free Delivery and pick-up

Features of Ekart Logistics

  • Serviceable Pin Codes: 14,000+
  • Domestic Shipping: Available
  • International Shipping: Not Available
  • Delivery on Sunday: Available
  • Tracking: LR Shipment ID


DHL is a German logistics company founded by Americans in 1969. Currently, DHL exists as the leading global logistics company, with a workforce of 600,000 individuals in over 220 countries and territories. The company is dedicated to assisting businesses in expanding their operations by facilitating cross-border activities and reaching new markets. DHL has been delivering around 1,668,000,000 parcels every year.

DHL has six divisions and they are DHL Express, Post and Paket Deutschland, DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Freight, DHL Supply Chain, and DHL eCommerce. DHL Global Forwarding offers services for forwarding air and ocean freight. DHL Supply Chain is a market leader in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, with a strong presence in growing markets like Brazil, India, China, and Mexico. Shipments in DHL can be tracked simply by entering their respective tracking number or IDs.

DHL Services

  • Door-to-Door Parcel Service
  • Logistics Services for E-commerce 
  • DHL Freight
  • DHL Global Forwarding
  • DHL Supply Chain

Features of DHL

  • International Shipment Destinations: 220+ countries
  • Parcels Delivered Per Year: 1,668,000,000 
  • Domestic Shipping: Available
  • International Shipping: Available
  • Tracking: Tracking Number


Xpressbees, founded by Amitava Saha, started its operation as a logistics service provider in the year 2015. They’ve evolved into a comprehensive logistics solutions provider by boasting strong expertise in Cross-Border, 3PL, B2C express, and B2B express. The mission of XpressBees Logistics is to excel as the most cost-effective service provider and capital-efficient company, while also establishing itself as the foremost logistics partner within the industry.

Currently, XpressBees operates an expansive network, managing over 3 million shipments across 20,000+ pin codes. Supported by 3,500 service centers, 150 hubs, and a dedicated team of over 28,000 Field Service Representatives, XpressBees is exceptionally poised to meet the evolving and varied logistical needs of its valued clients. This extensive infrastructure enables the seamless facilitation of deliveries across diverse regions. Xpressbees offers several ways of tracking shipments. Firstly by entering the registered mobile number, secondly by entering the AWB number, and thirdly by entering the order ID. 

Xpressbees Services

  • Cross-border
  • 3PL
  • B2C Express
  • B2B Express

Features of Xpressbees

  • Serviceable Pin Codes: 20,000+
  • No. of Field Service Representatives: 28,000+
  • Service Centers: 3,500
  • Tracking: Registered Mobile Number, AWB Number, and Order ID


Safexpress began in 1997 intending to provide excellent logistics and ensure customers’ success. They built a strong network, operated round-the-clock, and delivered high-quality services. With time, they’ve become a leader in knowledge and market trends in India’s supply chain and logistics industry. Safexpress is India’s biggest company in logistics and supply chain services. 

Safexpress provides a wide range of services, including express distribution, 3PL, and consulting, to over 5000 B2B customers. They also offer special express distribution services for C2C customers. Clients can track their shipment in Safexpress in three ways, firstly through the Waybill number, secondly through the E-waybill number, and finally through invoice. Safexpress has served over 31,239 pin codes, 42 3PL locations, and 98 Transhipment hubs, and delivers around 134+ million parcels every year. 

Safexpress Services

  • Express Distribution Surface
  • Express Distribution Air
  • Supply Chain Solutions
  • Special Delivery Services
  • Bike Express 
  • Sainik Express
  • Hub Delivery
  • Safe Returns

Features of Safexpress

  • Serviceable Pin Codes: 31,239
  • Tracking: Waybill number, E-waybill number, and Invoice
  • Parcels Delivered Per Year: 134+ million

BigShip: Simplifying Logistics

Since 2020, BigShip has emerged as India’s premier business hub. It has been addressing a wide range of eCommerce needs since its inception. It offers seamless shipping solutions designed for social sellers, marketplace vendors, shop owners, and high-volume online retailers. Till date BigShip has collaborated with 17+ courier partners to serve more than 29,000 pin codes in India. As one of India’s largest courier aggregation firms, BigShip is committed to delivering excellence in eCommerce logistics.

Benefits of courier services

The Benefits of courier services are numerous. From swift and secure deliveries to efficient handling of packages, these services ensure convenience for businesses and individuals. They offer cost-efficient and timely deliveries, tracking options, and personalized services by simplifying the process of sending and receiving parcels across distances.

  • Reliability: Courier services offer great reliability. They ensure timely and intact delivery of packages and documents. Using a courier guarantees your parcel reaches the right address on the specified date, is handled carefully, and is delivered securely to the intended recipient.
  • Cost Efficiency: Choosing a courier service helps save on shipping expenses. Opting for a smaller, more efficient company cuts shipping and packaging costs. Couriers often offer competitive rates and discounts for shipping multiple packages, making it a cost-effective choice for sending parcels.
  • Tracking: Courier services offer valuable package tracking. It allows monitoring from pickup to doorstep delivery. Accurate tracking ensures timely, correct deliveries and helps identify and address any delays promptly.
  • Scheduling: With a courier service, utilize their scheduling options for convenient deliveries. You can arrange packages to arrive at your preferred times and even schedule multiple deliveries on different days by ensuring your parcels arrive precisely when you require them.
  • Speed: Couriers are the quickest option for point-to-point deliveries. They often provide same-day services by swiftly picking up items from various locations and transporting them directly to their destinations. In critical situations like urgent medical shipments, couriers can be lifesaving.

How to Choose the Best Courier Company

Selecting the right courier company is crucial for efficient deliveries. Picking the best service provider ensures reliability, speed, and cost-effectiveness. Factors like services offered, reliability, tracking, and customer service play pivotal roles in making an informed choice for optimal courier services.

  • Reliability and Speed: Evaluate the company’s track record for timely and secure deliveries. Check their delivery options, estimated transit times, and success rates.
  • Tracking and Communication: Ensure the courier offers robust tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor shipments in real-time. Clear communication channels for updates and issue resolution are essential.
  • Service Options and Flexibility: Look for a courier company that offers a wide range of services and delivery options suitable for your needs. Consider their ability to handle varying package sizes, special deliveries, and flexibility in scheduling.
  • Customer Service and Reputation: Assess their customer service quality and reputation in the industry. Reviews and recommendations can provide insights into their reliability, responsiveness, and overall service quality.

Process of Courier Delivery Services

1. Collect: The process begins with collection, where couriers gather parcels from various senders or locations, ensuring items are properly labeled and documented.

2. Sort: Parcels are sorted based on destinations, sizes, and delivery priorities, streamlining the distribution process for efficient routing and transportation.

3. Deliver: Couriers transport and deliver packages to their designated recipients, often facilitated through various transportation modes and routes.


In conclusion, the top 10 courier companies in India for 2024 represent a combination of reliability, efficiency, and customer-centric services. Each company’s commitment to timely deliveries, advanced technology, expansive networks, and customer satisfaction sets them apart in the competitive logistics industry landscape. Their continuous efforts in enhancing logistics and catering to diverse customer needs position them as key players in the country’s courier services. As India’s logistics industry continues to evolve, these companies stand at the forefront, reshaping the delivery experience.

Best Courier Companies in India 2024: FAQs

Ques: Which is the No. 1 courier company in India?

Ans: There are several top courier companies in India such as DTDC, Blue Dart, Delhivery, and Ekart Logistics. The ranking for the number one courier company can vary based on specific aspects considered for evaluation.

Ques: Which is the fastest courier service in India 2023?

Ans: In 2023, the title of the fastest courier service in India could vary based on factors like delivery speed, network coverage, and service reliability. Several courier companies are DTDC, Blue Dart, Delhivery, DHL, Xpressbees, Ekart Logistics, and Ecom Express.

Ques: Which is the fastest-growing courier company?

Ans: Delhivery is among the fastest-growing courier companies in India. They offer diverse logistics services including express parcel delivery, partial truckload (PTL) and full truckload (TL) freight, and cross-border and supply chain services.

Ques: Which is better DTDC or Blue Dart?

Ans: Determining whether DTDC or Blue Dart is better can depend on various factors such as delivery speed, reliability, and pricing. Both companies have their strengths and areas of expertise. DTDC might excel in certain regions or offer specific services, while Blue Dart might have a different focus or stronger presence in certain areas.

Ques: How do I choose a courier company?

Ans: While choosing a courier company keep four factors in mind. These are the services offered, reliability, tracking, and customer service. 

Ques: Which courier is cheapest?

Ans: Identifying the absolute cheapest courier service can vary based on factors like distance, package size, delivery speed, and additional services required. Some of the inexpensive courier companies are FedEx, DTDC, ECOM Express, Blue Dart, Delhivery, XpressBees, and India Post.

Ques: Is DTDC better than Delhivery?

Ans: DTDC and Delhivery each have their strengths as both offer diverse services and reliability in different regions. Determining which is “better” depends on specific needs, service requirements, and individual experiences, as both companies cater to different aspects of logistics and delivery.

Ques: Is Blue Dart trusted?

Ans: Blue Dart is one of India’s top courier companies. One can easily trust Blue Dart for domestic parcel deliveries. 

Ques: Is Blue Dart costly?

Ans: Blue Dart is known for its premium services and extensive coverage across India. While it might appear comparatively pricier than some competitors, its higher rates often reflect the reliability, speed, and quality it offers. Customers often choose it for its consistent service and comprehensive reach.

Ques: Is DHL and Blue Dart same?

Ans: Blue Dart and DHL offer similar services. However, Blue Dart is a subsidiary of DHL which is a global logistics company.


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