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Volumetric weight Calculator

If you're shipping large parcels, many courier companies will determine your shipping fees based on the dimensions of your parcel rather than its weight.

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What is volumetric weight?

The volumetric weight calculator calculates the weight of a parcel based on its size, not just its actual weight. Different couriers use various formulas for this. Some even have different formulas for express and economy services.


What is the reason for charging for volumetric weight?

Bigger items take up more space on vehicles or aircraft, so shipping costs are higher. If an item is large but light, you'll pay based on its size, not weight.

Volumetric Weight
Calculation for Courier Delivery

Courier companies use various methods to calculate volumetric weight, but a common one is multiplying parcel dimensions in centimeters and dividing by the applicable divisor, specific to the courier partner, to determine chargeable volumetric weight.


all 3 Dimensions

You need to multiply the length, width, and height of the parcel. For example, 30x30x50.


Divide the answer by the
appropriate divisor

For Small Shipments (0-20 kg) & For Heavy Shipments (20 kg onwards): Divide by 5,000; for Multi-package shipments: Divide by 4,750 This is your volumetric weight in kilograms.


Compare with the
actual weight of the shipment

If the calculated volumetric weight exceeds the actual weight, your shipment will be invoiced based on the volumetric weight.

Freight Volumetric Weight Calculation

For the calculation of the volumetric weight for freight delivery, you need to multiply the dimensions of your shipment (length x width x height in cm) and divide by the specific divisor applicable to the type of shipment.

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Select the correct box Size

If your shipment has irregularly shaped parcels, we calculate each parcel's volumetric weight based on the smallest rectangular shape it can fit into. Use the correct box size to ensure accurate billing.

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For heavy and multi-package shipments, you need to divide the volumetric weight by 4,750. For small and international shipments, you need to divide the volumetric weight by 5,000.

Yes, the volumetric charges for international and domestic shipments differ.

The estimated delivery time for the products is 6 to 7 days.

1 cubic meter is equivalent to 200 kg volumetric weight at a divisor of 5,000 and 210.52 kg at a divisor of 4,750.
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