SKU's Inventory Management

SKU's Inventory Management

Think, if you are walking into your warehouses and find complete chaos as you cannot find any product to deliver it to the customers. Nothing is managed; no stock can be found out in the warehouse. Your shippings are delaying due to this reason, and you are losing all your customers due to the chaos at your warehouse and undelivered products. It is nothing less than a nightmare to the sellers.

Sku inventory are one thing that can help the business and ecommerce to manage their stocks and smooth functioning of ecommerce. Delivering the products to customers is the whole and sole aim of the supply chain. It is essential to manage the stock.

What is SKU?

SKU, the abbreviation stands for Stock Keeping Unit. It is a unique code that the sellers appoint to the particular categories of the stocks. These are alphanumeric codes that contain different characters and are assigned to all the products to identify them.

The sku contains all the information related to the products like the color, size, model, type, etc. the SKUs are made so that it is easy to locate the product in the stock. The stock-keeping units are different and unique to every store. They are made through the method of how your ecommerce or store works. The codes are made in such a way that any new person can identify them in no time.

Benefits of SKU inventory-

It eases the identification of the products in the stock.

If you have assigned sku code to everything, it become easy to deliver the products to customer in no time.

You can easily forecast the sale of the products, and you can inform the customers about everything related to stock units left, available, or unavailable in the stocks.

Your warehouse management works smoothly and easy to locate the products.

How to create an SKU?

To Create an SKU, you first need to analyse the product's structure like the name, color, size, type, price, category, and shape of the product. Analyse all these and them and then create the code to make it unique and different from others.

You can choose the standardized system to manage the inventories.

Things to keep in mind-

  • Don't add confusing letters in one SKU like O, L, I, and other.
  • Don't increase the length of sku inventory by more than 12 characters.
  • Don't add confusing numeric and alphabet in same SKU like I and 1, O and 0, 5 and S.
  • The elements should be well defined and easily traceable.

Bigship provides you the inbuilt SKU inventory management to manage the stock units of your ecommerce and ease the system.

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