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Ecommerce is growing at a rapid pace. Businessmen are putting their best efforts to establish a full-fledged ecommerce store. Ecommerce is one of the industries facing boom growth. Through this decade, we have seen immense growth in ecommerce stores and online shoppers. Earlier, only some products were available in online stores, but these days the online stores are even equipped with daily need products like vegetables, groceries, medicines, and others.

Some ecommerce stores till now are well established and renowned in the market. They have a huge online stock and a huge number of deliveries to manage. It became tough and perplexing if the access to order and shipment panel is given to the single person to Manage everything simultaneously. In this case, one or another thing may remain unsuccessful and unfulfilled.

Even if you are an ecommerce with huge online stocks and orders, or a small business running from home or through a social store. You can use the bigship panel to ship your products to customers in a decided time frame to meet your customers' expectations. Bigship panel provides you single and multi-user experience, which enable ecommerce to manage everything effectively.

Single user experience-

If you are a small business, start-up, or social store and have few shipments in a day. In that case, you can create single-user option and manage everything on your own or by any single person, which brings your complete control over all your shipments, number of orders, warehouses, sales, stock operations and other processes of shipments.

Multi-user experience-

If you are a well-known ecommerce store with huge online stocks and fulfilling a vast number of orders daily. Then you can create the multi-user experience to manage all your shipments and its process. You can create multi-user channels to operate one particular department to avoid any confusion and smooth running of fulfilling an order and delivering it to the end-user with complete satisfaction. In multi-user experience, one particular department will be accessed by the assigned person. It is in the control of honor, that how much access should be given to a particular person or department.

Benefits of single and multi-user experience-

  • The courier service panel becomes accessible to every type of business, be it ecommerce, social store, physical store, small business, or start-ups.
  • You have complete control over shipments of your orders and the process.
  • It avoids confusion and miscommunications.
  • The order is fulfilled with complete efficiency and meets the expectations of the customers.
  • It became easy to overcome the challenges coming in the way of fulfilling orders.
  • It is easy to analyse the data and evaluate it.
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