BigShip's SOP's

BigShip Courier SOP's

POD Cases

Any case related to POD whether forward delivery or RTO (Return to origin) delivery will be entertained within the courier TAT which is 24-48 hours. No escalation after that will be entertained.

BigShip Courier SOP's
Forward Delivery

In any case related to forward delivery after the 1st delivery attempt has been made, shipment it will be re-attempted in a window of 24-48 hours.

Shipment Closure

RTO Shipment (Return to Origin) :- Shipment closure courier TAT is 60days. Only after that can we ask the courier to mark the shipment as LOST.

In-Transit Shipment

The usual TAT of any shipment varies between 3-5 day, It is requested to put any escalation bearing this in mind.

ODA Location- (NSZ)

In ODA location cases (Out of delivery area & Non serviceable zone) customer has to self collect the shipment from the courier branch.

Branch Address

In any case, when provided the branch address for self collection and customer is unable to self collect the same within a TAT of 24-48 hours, same will marked RTO.

BigShip’s Packaging SOP’s

Liquid Items

Packing an item involves leak proofing, cushioning, placing of the item and filling of the voids in the box. Enough cushioning needs to be provided to ensure no loads are transferred to the item.

Material - Bubble Wrap & Foam sheets

Liquid Products

Liquid Products need to be made leak proof before cushioning or packing. Common leak proofing techniques are mentioned below.

Material - Heat Shrink Sleeve / Tapping Of Bottle Caps / Zip Lock Pouches

BigShip Courier SOP's

BigShip’s Internal Packing Material

BigShip Courier SOP's

BigShip’s Special Handling Labels

Special handling labels helps in communicating the necessary information for appropriately handling the Shipment.

Common Categories
  • Fragile
  • Perishables
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Package Orientation
  • Keep Dry
BigShip Courier SOP's

Big Ship’s Selection of Boxes

  • Use corrugated boxes of 3 ply for products below 4Kg and not fragile.
  • Use corrugated boxes of 5 ply for products above 4Kg and fragile.
  • Use tamper evident boxes for high value items (Cost above Rs. 7000).
  • Ensure the material used can withstand the required edgecrush and burst factor loads.
  • Optimize the size of the boxes as per the product dimensions.
  • The box should not be too small or too big for the item shipped. An optimum size box should be chosen.
  • Inspect the box for holes, tears, crushed edges and sturdiness. Avoid poor quality boxes for the safety of the item Shipped.
  • Optimize the size of the boxes as per the product dimensions
  • The box should not be too small or too big for the item shipped. An optimum size box should be chosen

Quick Check

Inspect the box for holes, tears, crushed edges and sturdiness. Avoid poor quality boxes for the safety of the item shipped.

BigShip Courier SOP's

Big Ship’s First Mile SOP’s

  • For pickup we can only raise the escalation to the courier company only after 24 hours if the pickup is not done.
  • Pickup request will be cancelled after 3 days if the shipment is not picked up.
  • Raise any escalation for pickup to CS team after 24 hours if the shipment is not picked up.
  • Please share the complete documents at the time of pickup for (e.g. Ewaybill/ Invoice)

Weight Discrepancy

Weight Disagreement between Client & Courier

Weight discrepancy occurs when there is difference between weight captured by courier and weight given by client while manifesting the shipment. It is to be notified that Bigship is an aggregator and does not involve its personals in the weight input process. All the weights shared under “weight discrepancy” are weights shared by the carrier strictly. Assistance of the client is thus needed for the physical verification of the shipment in the form of similar/same packaging pictures.

To understand this, some terminologies are important to be referred as below:

  • Dead Weight – Dead weight is the actual weight captured by a weighing machine shown in the below image and video link.
  • Volumetric Weight– Volumetric Weight is captured by measuring the dimensions of the item with a measuring tape. Measure the length, breadth & the height in centimetres as shown in the below images.

For Volumetric, after measuring the LBH, it needs to be calculated as Length x Breadth x Height ÷ Divisor

The divisor for couriers are different in surface and air.

Shipments carried by air are divided by a divisor of 5000 and shipments carried by surface are divided by a divisor or 4000.

How to raise a dispute?

Having an understanding that carriers are involved in the weight discrepancy process, assistance from the clients is needed to counter the false weights shared by the carrier.

This is done simply by sharing the following:

  • Dead weight pictures or a video of the packed shipment.
  • Measurement of length, breadth and height in pictures or video
  • All pictures and videos must be clear and not hazy for the finance team to evaluate very properly.
  • Pictures without any measuring tape will be considered as irrelevant.
  • While raising a dispute, Client needs to provide a video of the dead weight showing 0 weight first then measure the item weight by pressing the tare button.
  • Clients can raise a dispute only once per Tracking/LR number.A resolution on the disputed order is final and you cannot raise a dispute again.
  • Correct AWB numbers need to be mentioned along with the pictures

Please share all the above information with our finance team along with the AWB numbers on the mail id at keeping in cc. We will send the information to counter the weight of the courier and assist you resolve the cases in your favour. In the case of a tampered or false proof, the weight given by the courier will be charged.

Please note that all the above is mandatory and a lack of any single information from the above will lead to case not being closed in your favour.

Note: Clients have 24 Hours to raise a dispute, after which the weight given by the courier company will be auto accepted.

List of prohibited items:

  • Magnetized Materials
  • Infectious substances
  • Bleach
  • Flammable Adhesives
  • Live plants
  • Dry ice (carbon dioxide, solid)
  • Arms and ammunitions
  • Automobile batteries
  • Lithium batteries
  • Any compound, liquid or gas that has toxic characteristics
  • Fuel for camp stoves, lanterns, torches or heating elements.
  • Machinery (chain saws, outboard engines containing fuel or that have contained fuel)
  • Insecticides
  • Garden chemicals (fertilizers, poisons)
  • Oil-based paint
  • Thinners (flammable liquids)
  • Firearms, explosives and military equipment.
  • Uncrossed(bearer cheques) drafts/cheques
  • Currency and coins
  • Precious stones, gems and jewelry
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Insecticides, garden chemicals (fertilizers, poisons)
  • Infectious substances
  • Bleach
  • Arms and ammunitions
  • Pressurized Containers
  • Narcotic Substances
  • Uncrossed (bearer) drafts / cheque, currency and coins
  • Poison
  • Hazardous and radioactive material
  • Foodstuff and liquor
  • Any pornographic material
  • Hazardous chemical item
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