Reverse Pickup Management

Reverse Pickup Management

Reverse logistics is the opposite of the standard supply chain. The goods move from the end user back to the seller or manufacturer. It can include returns from e-commerce and retail, as well as components for refurbishing and remanufacturing. The products may be resold or disposed of permanently.

There are some customers who does not accept the products even if it does not have any problem. The ecommerce sellers face this problem many times, the charges to ship the products becomes are burden and loss to the sellers.

The damage in the shipping is also one reason the customers ask for the return of the products. Frist the shipment charges and picking the product for return all become an extra expense to the seller. One of the best ways to handle reverse logistics is to minimize returns in the first place. That may require improvements to reduce damage in shipping. Returns policies could be tightened to disincentivize returns of low-value products. Lean processes can help identify problem areas to ensure quality products and delivery. Best practices include establishing a reverse logistics group to control all processes rather than operating through the outbound logistics group.

Also choose a logistics which can help you to deliver the products with complete safety and ensure no damage to the products.

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