Multiple Channel Integration

multiple channel integration

Establishing ecommerce is becoming significant to meet the need of present times. The technological revolution is taking over all the industries. Ecommerce and social stores are taking the place of physical stores and markets.

There are different channels or platform which are helping the entrepreneurs to start their full-featured ecommerce in no time. There is a platform that enable you to make your ecommerce free of cost and without any programming knowledge in just some simple clicks and steps.

Every ecommerce seller begins its journey from somewhere, and they can make their store a social store, or even you can establish a full-featured website through ecommerce. There are different marketplace or multiple channels from where sellers can sell the products. These marketplaces are extremely convenient and help you sell the products to millions of online shoppers, and it is extremely easy to shop and sell through these marketplaces.

There are multiple channels or marketplaces: Shopify, Woo-commerce, Wix, WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, Big-commerce, and the online marketplace are amazon and flip kart and social stores Facebook, Instagram WhatsApp. If you sell your products from different marketplace, you must need the best courier service provider to ship your products faster to meet their expectations. A directly integrated platform is required to ship the products to the customers.

Bisghip is the courier service partner you are looking for in your marketplace ecommerce. Bisghip is integrated with different platforms like Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, and others. You can directly link our panel with your ecommerce through API (application process integration). On bigship panel, you can manage all your orders and ship them. Bisghip had the best and full-featured panel to ship the products at the best prices and a rocket speed. Choose bighsip today to ease the shipping of your products through market places.

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