Dedicated Account Managers


Account managers or particular delivery managers are assigned once a parcel is handed over to the courier service company. To support you at every step and assist you with your order, the account managers are assigned. Most of the courier companies have their well-managed, experienced and excellent team of people working in the support centre for all the clients. You can talk to your account manager through the customer care number anytime and anywhere to resolve your issues. Account managers understand your need and help you with all the steps about your order. You will get a prompt response from the friendly, professional and knowledgeable support team.

  • Agents are assigned to you as soon as you place your order, and it is handed over to customer care.
  • Agents work mediocre between the customer and courier company.
  • Agents are responsible for assisting you.

We at BigShip understand how difficult it is to manage your business single-handedly, for which we provide you a professional and experienced account manager for your brand. Our account manager will help you manage regular shipments of your product to your customers in a hassle-free manner. A dedicated account manager will be provided on every order to the customers to cause convenience to the customers.

He will pay regular visits to your office with tailor-made strategies especially curated for the growth of your brand. In case if you do not want regular visits, you can coordinate with him according to your needs.

Benefits of Dedicated account manager-

  • Easy services to the customer and ecommerce- Dedicated account manager makes the services easy and convenient to the customers and ecommerce. The dedicated account manager assists you at every step to solve your problem and lessen the burden.
  • Reachable by all the mediums- the dedicated account managers are reachable by all the mediums; you can contact them through any medium Email, chat, phone, and WhatsApp.
  • Friendly and helpful- the dedicated account managers are a team of knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful people who are always ready to help you.
  • Help to customize services- You can contact the account managers to customize your services; if you have any problem with the existing service. The managers will provide you with a solution to customize the services.
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