Bulk Order Upload

Bulk Order Upload

Bigship is the one-stop solution for anything related to shipping. As you know that we provide service to all kinds of business regardless of the industry type and volume of the business, we offer bulk order upload. Bulk order uploading has become a problem for ecommerce to manage, as some courier companies do not provide Bulk order uploads. If your business is a physical store, social store or ecommerce, then you can proceed with the Bulk order upload and deliver them on time with complete satisfaction to your customers.

If your business involves regular shipping of products in huge quantities and looking for a courier partner who can provide you a one-stop solution for all your huge quantity orders. Bishop is the solution for the Bulk order uploads. We proceed with regular shipments for our customers in huge quantities. We deliver all your consignments on time with complete satisfaction and meeting the expectation of the customer. We proceed with the cargo with complete safety and security nationwide. The Bulk orders proceed with the procedure as the other parcels proceed for the ecommerce business. You can track your bulk orders through our panel, from dispatching to delivering them to the end-user. Try the Bulk order uploading today with bigship to remove the barriers and achieve maximum success for your business.

Benefits of Bulk Order Uploading

Cost-effective – Bulk order uploading from a single courier company will make it cheap and in the price for you.

Time-saving- Proceeding Bulk orders and managing them with one courier company becomes time and energy-saving for the business.

Segregation of the data- you can segregate the data or divide it into different categories according to your convenience; it avoids any confusion and loss of the products in Bulk orders.

Fast data uploading- the data of bulk orders can be uploaded at a fast pace in the system; this will not cause any problem in uploading all the data for further procedure and tracking software.

Easy to work on- It is easy to work on the panel of courier companies. These panels are easy to use, convenient and powerful.

Exporting Bulk orders and normal orders work in the same way. It entails the essential steps of loading, unloading, storing and transportations. The bulk orders are safer and easier to manage when with courier companies.

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