Bigship Core

Bigship Core

The panel of the bigship is well equipped with the latest system to provide the customer best delivery on every parcel.

One of the biggest challenges for an eCommerce company is to choose the right courier partner for shipping their products. Major preferences such as time of delivery, rates for shipment, and meeting customer satisfaction depend on the courier partner you choose. To make this decision easy and mistake-free, we have created an excellent tool that analyzes the best courier partner for each of your shipments. The recommendation engine takes into account more than 50 data points. The major ones are as follows:

  • COD Remittance - the courier company instantly remit the cash on the delivery amount to the sellers on time.
  • Return to origin (RTO)- Manage the Percentage of undelivered order returned by the customers to the sellers.
  • Delivery performance - enhance the performance of delivery to meet the expectation of customer and ensure safe delivery.
  • Pickup performance - picking the product from sellers' warehouse in no time.

How does bigship core works?

Bigship core provides you four settings to select your preferred courier partners- Best rates- The tool will filter all the courier partners and present you with the courier partner, which is best in price.

Pin code coverage- you can check with each courier partner's pin code coverage and ship your products in no time to the customer.

Fastest- you can choose the courier partner which is providing the fastest delivery on a particular shipment.

Customizations- you can look for the options of COD, NDR and other things.

The Courier Recommendation Engine of BigShip will help you choose the best courier partner according to the pin code available weight and the parcel's height, which needs to be delivered. It will also help you with the best courier service at the time of delivery in the most economical budget.

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