What Are The Benefits Of Opting For a Courier Aggregator?

A higher number of orders is the exact and accurate sign of growth and success of a business. But as we all know, more business, more money and more problems go hand in hand. By this, we mean that more cash, more orders for a business gives the honour more things to think upon and work upon to uphold the success of a business and keep it long and stable.

To handle this new flow of orders and profit needs a great time and management plan to keep the business’s profit in line. To fulfil the new orders, the business would require multiple shipping partners with comprehensive location coverage to deliver the product in time. It is also essential to keep the cost of shipping in line to attain maximum profit, which we the sellers are starving for.

For a well-established company or quickly growing company, the need for multiple courier partners is forever. To source all the shipments with keeping everything in mind and shipping the products to the customer within the given time frame are essential for the business person.

Looking and finding different logistics companies for ecommerce shipping is a challenging task and time consuming as well.

It is not possible that the business person would find all the features and location coverage to deliver their product in one courier service provider. Getting associated with many would cost way more than expected to the business. The question on how to find the best courier service provider with all the features for shipping? It must be hitting your mind.

What Are Courier Aggregators?

Many small or big courier service providers or start-ups are available, turning out to be courier aggregators. Courier or shipping aggregators are the platforms made to provide companies with the best shipping solution. On a single platform, they are tied up with multiple courier partners and cut out the extra burden and cost from the company and immensely contribute to the company’s business. The features of keeping cost in line, maximum location coverage, backup plans and other shipment related management can be done through these courier aggregators platforms.

They tie up with multiple courier companies to provide ecommerce logistics solutions. Their purpose is to bring shipping partners a single platform to enable ecommerce to proceed with their shipments in no time with complete ease.

If you are a company proliferating and witnessing numerous orders regularly, then logistics aggregators are your solution. You can get associated with them to get access to a variety of services on a single platform, bringing in more efficiency in your business. There are numerous unknown benefits of getting associated with a courier aggregator then getting associated with a courier service provider.

Benefits of Opting For Courier Aggregator

As we know, a courier aggregator is a platform making ecommerce shipment easy and convenient and providing multiple services on a single platform to e-commerce.

Let us discuss in details what all are benefits of the courier aggregators

  • Easy and multiple courier partners- Multiple courier partners are available with courier aggregators; you can choose the best through filters for every shipment in no time.
  • Low shipping rates- You can find the lowest shipping charges on every delivery. If you opt for a courier aggregator, you can go for the courier service provider, charging the least for the shipment.
  • Better pin code coverage- There are 15-20 courier partners available with the courier aggregator. All of them have a maximum point code coverage, which enables the company to sell a product anywhere in the country with minimum charges.
  • On-time remittance- The courier aggregators proceed on-time remittance, weekly remittance, or daily remittance on every delivery, which ensures the cash flow in the company and uses it to grow the business.
  • Instant backup plans- If any delivery cancels due to any reason by any courier partner, you can quickly go on the panel of the courier aggregator and find another shipment provider to deliver the products.
  • Everything at a single platform- Everything related to an order and sale can proceed on the single platform. You can check every detail related to your order on a single panel of a courier aggregator.
  • Tracking facilities- The courier aggregator provides a real-time and robust tracking facility to the customer and seller. You need a customer tracking id or air waybill number to track the location of your order.

Expect this. There are other benefits as well like they will manage RTO, NDR and redeliveries for you, there will be no delay in shipments, the shipping will proceed with rocket speed, you can manage your sales and order on their platforms.

Bigship As One of The Best Courier Aggregators

As a third-party aggregate, we at Bigship are known to provide reliable shipping services to e-commerce companies; it is essential to give the clients the best shipping services on all orders. Providing multiple carriers for shipping is preferred by all ecommerce entrepreneurs. We at bigship offer you numerous carriers on a single platform. You can choose, compare and find out the best carrier for the delivery of your specific order. The customer expectations and carriers’ services are changing rapidly. So, adapting multi-carrier service to ensure customer satisfaction has become a significant part. Having multiple carrier partners will benefit the client in several ways. The customers can choose and find out the best carrier services for their specific order. To ensure customer satisfaction and best shipment service, we at Big ship provide our customer partners with multiple carrier services. We are integrated with pioneer logistic companies Xpressbees, FedEx, Delhivery, Dotzot, Shadowfax, Udaan, Aramex, DHL, TNT, UPS and many more. You can choose the best suited for shipping your orders as all the associates provide different features and offers.


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