Process of Heavy Shipment With Bigship

As an ecommerce company owner, ” Does your heavy shipments cost pinch you?”

The answer to this is probably “YES”, right! So here we go; this blog will explain to you the cheapest way to transport heavy shipment packages through road transport anywhere within the country, this blog will explain the benefits of road transport, process of heavy shipment with Bigship the cheapest way to ship large packages.

Why Choose Land Transport

Land transport is one of the oldest forms of transporting goods. This is the most useful when it comes to delivering goods within a country or across neighboring borders.

Shipping to land is more suitable for products that are heavy. You can ship large items such as Air conditioners, refrigerators, TV, furniture etc. Using this mode of transport.

Benefits of Land Transport

Suitable for Bulky Goods

Things to consider

Shipping costs can eat away at your profits, whether you’re a small business or a multi-chain corporation. Shipping rates vary and can easily be an added expense if you don’t keep an eye on them, so it’s always advisable to do your research thoroughly and identify which carrier will be the best fit for your company.

Shipping heavy items are often a pain point than shipping small and light ones. Calculating various variables and fees entailed along with weight limits to dimensional weight, can be difficult to estimate but this article will help you systematically guide you.

If you have heavy shipment stuff like furniture, vehicle, household items, electronics, sports equipment, personal belongings, luggage, suitcase and etc try Bigship’s heavy shipment service. There are basically two options Less than truck load (LTL) and Full truck load (FTL).

FTL basically is when the shipment will take up an entire truck by itself. This is ideal for shipment. FTL shipment is faster than LTL. The products are delivered to the end destination with no stops, that is directly. But on the cost side it is quite an expensive mean of shipping. LTL which implies less than truckload, which basically refers to occupying an explicit space for your parcel in the truck and co-sharing the rest of the space with other shipments. While this lighter on the pocket, but it takes more time to deliver the parcel than FTL.

How Bigship’s LTL Can Be Save Time & Cost

The best part is that if it is not full truck load and happens to be less than truck load, yet the LTL delivery of Bigship is fast and you happen to save cost as well. It has lesser stops while shipping the products primarily as the shipment is aligned in the truck for that particular route.

Once you confirm to ship with Bigship, our team will intimate you of the details of the LTL freight chosen to carry out your shipping services. At Bigship, we have networked with the top national and international freight companies. We help identify the most suitable LTL carrier provider for your shipment without any worries.

Things that Can Be Sent Through LTL:

Generally, the things considered to be heavy, bulky and could not be sent through standard shipment and the items that are small to occupy complete truck or van are considered to be sent through LTL freight services. Items such as television, refrigerator, artwork, suitcase, furniture, vehicle, any household items, electronics, sports equipment, luggage, and many other things.

To know the exact time of delivery, you have the option of Bigship’s user-friendly panel.

Simply select the origin of your shipment and designation. And Bigship’s tracking system will automatically calculate the estimated time, and the details will appear on your screen.

Bigship helps every business big or small to stay focused on their business while we keep their costs and tasks in line.

We help our customer partners with our exuberant network as we provide first class delivery services with 17+ courier partners. We have networked with leading and reliable logistic companies such XpressBees, Gati, DotZot, Delhivery, Shadowfax and many more. Our customers partners can choose the best suited for shipping your orders as all the associates offer different features and offers.

Benefits of choosing Bigship for heavy shipments for your e-commerce business:

> We are a one stop solution for your ecommerce needs – Marketing, Call Centre and Logistics.

> Bigship allows the user to choose among 17+ carrier partners according to their business needs.

> Automated shipment tracking and prediction on RTO with our AI helps reduce return rate.

> The Courier Recommendation Engine (CORE) of BigShip helps choose the best courier partner in the most economical budget.

> Dedicated account managers will offer tailor-made strategies and solutions especially curated for the growth of your brand.

> Multiple channel integration allows to select and ship with a single click.

> Bigship panel provides single and multi-user experience, which enable ecommerce to manage everything effectively.

> There is also swift customer support service. It offers chat and call support. Also it is very easy and quick to sign up for your future shipments. In addition, it is easy to access the Bigship dashboard for processing all your heavy shipments. You can use the user friendly dashboard which only requires a few clicks and swipes.


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