How Less Contact Courier Delivery Became Important During The Pandemic?

There was a time when life was normal people weren’t afraid of crowds or getting close to someone until an uninvited guest came. “COVID-19” It has turned our world upside down. A human is afraid of any kind of physical contact with another human. In March 2020, acknowledging the seriousness of the situation complete Lockdown was imposed. This led to a complete shutdown of the entire nation, all the schools, colleges, businesses, railway and aviation industries.

Every kind of business suffered apart from few online services; however, the E-commerce website didn’t gain any profit during the Lockdown because a major part was not functional during the period and that essential part of E-commerce companies were courier services. The part played by the courier companies for the proper functioning of E-commerce companies is remarkable. Without courier companies, none of the E-commerce companies would be able to deliver their products to the customers. During the Lockdown courier companies were not allowed to deliver apart from essentials like grocery or medicines this caused a major loss to both courier companies and E-commerce companies.

From May the process of unlocking started, companies were allowed to open and courier services were also started. The process of unlocking is still in process with each passing day things are getting better; people are returning to their normal lives. But we have to accept the fact that things are not and won’t be the same again. We will be leading a new normal life with new rules and regulations like masks have been made compulsory, maintaining social distance has become important. So, every work needs to be done keeping these things in mind.

When the courier services started people started ordering products from E-commerce companies but a slight hesitation was there regarding the safety and the concern is genuine. Hence less contact courier service became important. People want their products to be delivered at their doorstep but with proper safety and without making any contact with the delivery person.

What is Less Contact Delivery?

In less contact delivery the courier company tries to avoid any kind of close contact with you and maintains the required amount of distance from you while picking up the package and while dropping the package as well. All these precautions are taken so there are 0% chances of getting infected.

Pro’s and Cons of Less Contact Delivery

The best thing about Less Contact Delivery is there won’t be any risk of getting infected. You can easily send your parcel and the customer will receive the parcel safely. This will be safe for both parties.

One major drawback can be you won’t be able to provide any personal instructions to the courier people because you will have to maintain a distance. But then, If you choose BigShip you will easily be able to track your package so no need for extra instructions.

Why you should trust Bigship for Contact Less and Safe Courier Service?

Bigship is your one-stop solution for all the E-commerce business problems. We are a professional courier company and we provide quick delivery services. When you choose us as your delivery partner we ensure your full safety. Bigship understands the seriousness of the situation and we are concerned about you and your customers’ safety so we make sure that we provide less contact courier service to you. We maintain a safe distance from the customers while picking up the package and dropping as well. We keep sanitising our vehicles and packages and our employees go through a regular checkup to make sure you are safe.

It is very important to take all the safety measures to make sure no one is in danger neither you nor the customers. That’s why our courier partners are taking this very seriously. You won’t even have to remind them about maintaining social distance. They will take all the measures.

Bigship believes your safety is our topmost priority. So, if you want your parcel to get delivered safely then you must choose Bigship parcel service. With BigShip you can choose between our 17+ Courier partners, this will make your experience even better.


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