Understanding the Difference Between Speed Post and Registered Post

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The 21st century is all about interconnecting with the world through a map of technology. Whether you are engaged in daily tasks or in making a global decision, technology is a must. To live in a world where we are dependent on technology from each core of living, we should not sidestep the role of postal services. 

Sending important parcels, and documents postal services play an important role especially speed post and registered post. These services are provided by India Post to insist your valuable and informative things reach their destinations. Although, speed post and registered post have a similar job in sending and receiving parcels they have many features that are different from one another. 

Let us look at these two services more closely for a better understanding. 

What is Speed Post meaning and its Benefits? 

A super-fast service providing a time-bound delivery and is commonly used by many people is speed post. It is mainly used to deliver urgent documents, letters, parcels, and other essentials within 2-3 days. 

Its Benefits:-

Fast Delivery: aims to deliver parcels and documents faster than any other traditional post.  

Wide Network: through a large area of the network many remote areas are being covered for postal deliveries. 

Cost-effective: speed post is a reliable and value-for-money mode of delivering urgent parcels and documents.

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What is Registered Post meaning and its Benefits? 

Registered letter is a mail delivery service that is super-secured. Registered Post is different from regular postal service as it involves registering the goods. It takes 3-5 days to reach its destination and often requires a signature at the time of delivery. 

Its Benefits:- 

Security: utmost this service provides security. The record of delivery and receipt makes it complex to lose a parcel. 

Delivery Proof: it works as a confirmation receipt that the parcel has reached its location.  

Compensation: by looking at the loss or damage the compensation is initiated to some extent. 

Differences and Features of Speed Post and Registered Post

Let us now compare the features and differences of both these postal services provided by India Post.

difference between speed post and registered post

Key Factors of Speed Post and Registered Post

Whether you choose speed post or registered post it is important that these services are reliable and reputed. Such factors clear the doubt of which service we should opt for. Let’s see what are the key factors that are provided by speed post and reliable post.

Factors  Speed Post  Registered Post
Reputation  It is known for its fast-paced delivery  It is known for its security.
Reliability  Speed post is reliable for its urgent delivery Registered post is reliable for sending valuable or sensitive items.
Feedback  Mainly positive, due to its efficient delivery standard  Most of them are positive for the security of goods.


Speed post and registered post are services provided by the India Post. Depending on their network coverage these services offer delivery domestically and globally. If you want to save time or want to deliver documents urgently then speed post has to be a first option. But if you want to send precious items, prioritize the register post. 

Both these services are crucial for their specific reasons. These services are reliable and reputed. The only major difference that can make a big difference is in their speed and security. Whether you want a fast-track delivery or want your goods to be handled securely these services are trusted by India Post for you. 


Ques: What is the difference between a Speed Post and a Registered Post? 

Ans: Speed Post is a super fast time-bound service where your parcel will reach its destination within 2-3 days. 

Registered Post is like a regular postal service where your parcel takes 3-5 days of time to reach its destination. It is highly reliable and ensures safety as a priority.  

Ques: Can we track our items in speed post and registered post? 

Ans: Definitely, it is possible. Being time-sensitive and offering speedy delivery, Speed Post provides more detailed tracking. 

Ques: Which one is faster: speed post or registered post? 

Ans: Speed Post is faster as it is specifically designed for fast delivery service for your urgent packages and documents. 

Ques: Is it possible to parcel overseas by using speed post or registered post? 

Ans: Yes, you can send your parcels overseas by both. However, registered post is only available depending on the country’s postal agreement. 

Ques: If my parcel is lost, can I ask for compensation in a speed post or registered post? 

Ans: In a speed post, no compensation is given but in the case of a registered post, you can get the compensation to some extent. 

Ques: Which to consider and when: Speed post or Registered post? 

Ans: If you want a speedy delivery or want to send your parcel and documents urgently then always opt for Speed Post. On the other hand, if you are not time-sensitive and want high security, a registered post is always a better option.
Speed Post and Registered Post


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