Difference Between Hyperlocal Delivery And Last-Mile Delivery!!

The eCommerce industry is too large. There occur two terms that get complicated and they are Hyperlocal delivery and last-mile delivery. However, they both have the same specifications but different functionalities. Indeed, the final destination of both of them is to get the things delivered immediately, tamper-proof, and drive the best quality customer experience for any business. You must know the difference between both of these delivery services so as to run your business in a flexible manner:

Hyperlocal Delivery-Hyperlocal delivery is one such process wherein the delivery of the goods gets done directly from a seller to the customer. It includes the operation of a courier agent who picks up products through a seller and then delivers them directly to the customer’s address. It gets carried away in small geographical areas and deliveries get usually completed within hours. So, it turns out to be more preferable as it helps to save time.

Last-Mile Delivery– These types of deliveries get done through the last-mile delivery fleet of the courier delivery. Agents carry packages over their bikes, vans, or other transportation means, so as to deliver products successfully to a customer. Last-mile distribution can be defined as one of the processes of transportation of packages through a central hub to the customer’s doorstep. eCommerce Companies hold this strategy as one of the last steps towards sending the product.

Difference between Last-Mile and Hyperlocal Delivery with specific features!!

Time Taken for Delivery

The time taken for delivery within the last-mile model may be anywhere within the location of 12-16 hours of duration in totality. If you get a text through your eCommerce company that states the delivery agent would be delivering the product today, you would receive the product within the mid duration of 12-16 hours or it can be the next business day. When there occurs a great delivery area, like within metro cities, the time taken may be more than 16 hours too.

On the other hand, in Hyperlocal delivery, the objective of the courier delivery is to deliver the product within a span of 2 to 3 hours or maximum within 8 hours of duration. Since the geographical parameter is as small as compared with the last-mile deliveries, deliveries do not take a lot of time. So, Hyperlocal deliveries turn out to be far better than the Last-Mile deliveries.

Delivery Responsibility

The responsibility of delivering the product to a customer occurs solely with the courier company that got assigned to carry out the first-mile delivery. One partner aims to carry the end-to-end process.

Within Hyperlocal delivery, it may get carried out through the seller’s fleet or through the delivery company.

Delivery Area

Within the last-mile delivery, the delivery area is not at all restricted. The delivery agent may go upto 30 km to deliver the goods to customers on time. The last-mile delivery area gets determined through the location of the central transportation hub.

Talking about the Hyperlocal deliveries, the deliveries area is quite small basically. Maximum deliveries occur within a 5-15 km radius. They get done within the city and even outside the city where the distance is greater than 20 Km.

Why Bigship?

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So, it is one of the golden opportunities that you may grab with the continuation of the hyperlocal business and make necessary things available to your customers within a short duration of time easily. Come, shake hands with Bigship to enjoy the best services that turn your business profitability in an easy manner.


Within this mad technology era, there occurs a lot of engagement within the eCommerce business that may assist you with online access to their products. Customers expect their products to get delivered as immediately as possible. You may call it a revolution or a diversion of time however technology takes a huge leap. So, people wish to adopt the latest ways of lifestyle. Now the customers may prefer to purchase their product online rather than to visit the traditional stores and that is why both hyperlocal and last-mile delivery plays an important role with a lot of relevancy within the recent times.

Both of these delivery systems are quite relevant and are very necessary within difficult times. If you wish to grab the delivery systems, you turn bound to see the success of your business. These delivery processes are relevant even within this pandemic since it ensures quick delivery at the right location within time. The eCommerce industry views a lot of development since it holds “delivery at the doorstep” as viable. So, you must give equal importance to both of the delivery systems however if you are situated in NCR then Hyperlocal delivery turns out to be the best option for your business.


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