Best Drop Shipping Platforms To Start an eCommerce Business.

Ecommerce is one of the fastest-growing platforms globally. Ecommerce is gaining immense popularity these days. There are different ways to uphold an online business. Sellers can bring their existing offline or social store online through a third-party marketplace or create their website. You can sell your products on established marketplaces or online stores as well. There is another way to start an ecommerce store. You can get integrated with third parties and sell their products called drop shipping; let us discuss the same in detail.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an integrated or inventory business. A person provides the products to customers by getting them from third-party retailers or sellers and directly ships them to the customer’s doorstep. In this kind of business, the merchant does not hold the stock of the products which he/she sells. He buys it from its interlinked sellers and delivers it to the customers. There are many disadvantages and advantages to this ecommerce dropshipping. The business honor purchases the products from the wholesalers or manufacturers according to the demand of the customers. This business is different from typical ecommerce.

How Does Dropshipping Work?

Dropshipping follows an exact procedure to fulfill the requirement of the customers and the ecommerce merchant.

  • Getting associated with the manufacturers and wholesalers to get the products to fulfill the requirement of customers.
  • A marketplace to show the customer what all you hold for the customers to purchase. Association with the shipping partners to deliver products to maximum reach at reasonable prices.
  • After this, the customer places orders on your online store.
  • The order inventory reaches your dropshipping suppliers.
  • They prepare the order for the customer and ship it to the customer.
  • This is the procedure followed by ecommerce drop shipping.

Examples of Drop Shipping- 

Amazon and flip kart are two of the best examples of Dropshipping. They are the best ecommerce website. On these ecommerce websites, different sellers sell their products and ship them to online shoppers. Amazon and flip kart are third parties that enable different sellers to sell the products and ship them. The ecommerce website keeps some profit out of the sold products. 

Criteria To Select Best Dropshipping-

You will need to keep these points in mind while choosing the best platform for dropshipping-

  • The platform should be easy to use and almost free.
  • It should support all drop shipping plugins.
  • It should be efficient and provide 24/7 support.
  • It should make management seamless and help your business grow.

Best e-Commerce Platform For e-Commerce Dropshipping-

Let us go into detail about which are the best platforms for ecommerce dropshipping-

  1. WooCommerce- This is the most used platform across the globe. It has a market share of almost 30% in the overall ecommerce store, and the credit of this achievement goes to being a free and easy install plugin. It is user-friendly. Provide 24*7 support to the clients; you don’t need to pay anything to avail of the services; the user can install it with just a single click, easy to use for non-technical users.
  2. Magento- Magento is the second most used platform in the world for a dropshipping business. This is a powerful platform but quite complex, which makes it tough to use for beginners. Magento is the developer-friendly platform, and this requires basic programming knowledge. Magento can be used by drop shippers who have basic programming knowledge or need to hire developers. The current magneto share in the ecommerce market is 9%. Retailers, manufacturers, Durfee, JCB and others can be surfed on this platform.
  3. Shopify- Undoubtedly this is one of the most powerful ecommerce platforms for drop shippers. Shopify claims that they are hosting 500,000 ecommerce and drop shippers. This is a most used platform for those who are non-techno savvy. Shopify has 18% shares from the ecommerce market. This is extremely user-friendly and has installed plugins. They are providing $99 to $299 plans for the customers.
  4. WordPress- WordPress is one of the most popular web hosting websites, which offers free plugins for dropshipping business. It is an affordable option to start your own dropshipping business and it offers more customized freedom to the users. With a number of free plugins, custom option, no monthly fee and amazing customized design to build your store makes wordpress one of the most reliable options for starting a Drop shipping business.
  5. CJ Drop Shipping- This is one in all platforms for your dropshipping, they are one of the best platforms for drop shipping in India. customer satisfaction is their top most priority, they have the best quality control in drop shipping the products/ they are shipping for more than 200 companies all over the nation. There is no monthly fee, no setup fee, no minimum order and no hidden charges, which makes CJ dropshipping one of the best platforms for all.
  6. Trade India- Every week, over 31,42,496 interactions between sellers and buyers are made through the TradeIndia platform.That’s the very reason why you should opt-in for their facilities.By registering on their platform, you will reach thousands of genuine drop shippers around all over India.However, most of the suppliers registered here are from other countries but if you search for Indian drop shipping companies you’ll find them here.TradeIndia has a wide range of products, SO you won’t go out of trend anytime. When you’ll scan their website, you’ll find thousands of products in various categories listed here.
  7. Exports India- Another one great Indian dropshipping website.Export India comes under the top ten dropshipping companies in India with great service and one of the largest product inventory. With 50,000+ Products and 4,000+ SKUs, Baapstore is one of the largest online wholesalers for Indian products.With as little as 15,746 Rs. you can start your own eCommerce business with a drop-shipping facility under your website.

They provide a hassle-free solution to those who are not friendly with the technology side.With the simple setup process, you can start your dropshipping website which only needs your marketing skills.

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